Goods Movement Emission Reduction Funding Program (Proposition 1B) Heavy-Duty Trucks and Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs)


  • Clear all outstanding CARB violations for vehicle and/or fleet, and maintain compliance with CARB’s Truck and Bus Regulation and all other CARB regulations.

  • If you do not have copies of your registration records, visit your local DMV office and request a Vehicle Registration Information Record (INF 1125) for each truck in your application. To find your local DMV office, please visit to external website.. You may also obtain and pay for the DMV printout online at: to external website..  

  • Gather at least 2 records showing valid odometer readings at least 6 months apart for each truck in your application.

  • Determine the manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) as identified on a sticker/label most commonly found on the truck door jamb or on the inside of the door.  If this tag is missing or cannot be read, please check with your local dealer.

  • Maintain current registration for the old truck; keep it in legal operating condition until delivered to dismantler.  Truck must continue to move goods for sale a majority of the time.  Planned Non-Operation (PNO) is not allowed at any time.

  • Applicants may request reduced funding amounts to improve cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of the project.

  • Projects committing to 90% operation in California may be less competitive due to decreased emission reductions achieved within California

  • Clear all old truck titles of any lien holders.  A copy of the clean title for each old truck will be required for replacement projects before the grant payment can be made.

  • Make sure your truck has a readable/legible VIN tag on the truck and engine tag on the engine prior to any inspection (both pre-inspection and post-inspection).

For complete Program requirements, please refer to the latest 2015 Update to the Program Guidelines and related supplemental materials listed on the CARB Program website at to external website. or call Ashkaan Nikravan at the South Coast Air Quality Management District for guidance at (909) 396-3260.

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