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Facility Summary

Exide Technologies (ID 124838) is a secondary lead smelting facility which recovered lead from recycled automotive batteries. It is located at 2700 S. Indiana Street in Vernon, and had been in operation since 1922. Equipment used in the battery recycling process included machines to break batteries apart and separate different materials, furnaces and kettles to melt metals, and miscellaneous equipment including storage tanks, conveying equipment, and engines. Exide operated numerous pieces of control equipment to reduce pollution including baghouses, dust collectors, and filters for reducing dust and metals; and scrubbers, mist eliminators, and an afterburner, which remove pollution from gases.

The facility continues to be subject to many SCAQMD rules and permit conditions to ensure that they operate in compliance with air pollution requirements. The facility remains under intense scrutiny by SCAQMD –including ongoing inspections, ambient monitoring, additional rule and permit requirements, and continued Hearing Board review - in an effort to reduce potential emissions and health risk.

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Thurs., March 23, 2017  6:00 p.m.

Resurrection Catholic Church, 3324 Opal St., Los Angeles, CA

Public Consultation Meeting 


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SCAQMD files Third Amended Complaint May 28, 2015
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