Outdated SIP Rules

This information is intended for use by any facility applying for a Title V permit or in possession of a Title V permit that contains references to two different versions of the same SCAQMD rule.

Several South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) rules have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) into the State Implementation Plan (SIP) [40 CFR Part 52, Subpart F] and are considered federally enforceable for the purposes of Title V. However, some of the SIP-approved rules have been recently amended and are no longer the most current versions in effect.

While SCAQMD awaits SIP-approval of the more recent amended rules, EPA requires the Title V permit to refer to both versions of the same rule. In the meantime, facilities are required to comply with each SIP-approved rule and the most recent version of the same applicable rule.

To better understand the differences between the outdated, but federally enforceable, SIP-approved versions and the most current, locally enforceable versions of these rules, it is important for facilities to have access to both generations of rule language. While the newer rule language is currently in SCAQMD’s Rules and Regulations, the language for the older SIP-approved versions is only available through the SCAQMD’s library archives. To help Title V facilities more easily obtain copies of the older SIP-approved rules, electronic versions have been created and they are now available for downloading from the table below. This table will be periodically updated to reflect SIP-approvals of more current versions of SCAQMD rules.

SIP-Approved Rules That Are NOT The Most Current SCAQMD Rules*

Rule Number Rule Name SCAQMD Adoption/ Amendment Date File Name
102 Definition of Terms 04/09/99 sr102.pdf
210 Applications 10/08/93 sr210.pdf
212 Standards for Approving Permits 12/07/95 sr212.pdf
218 Stack Continuous Monitoring 08/07/81 sr218.pdf
219 Equipment Not Requiring a Written Permit Pursuant to Regulation II 09/04/81 sr219.pdf
401 Visible Emissions 03/02/84 sr401.pdf
403 Fugitive Dust 12/11/98 sr403.pdf
403.1 Wind Entrainment of Fugitive Dust 01/15/93 sr403-1.pdf
431.2 Sulfur Content of Liquid Fuels 05/04/90 sr431-2.pdf

Gasoline Transfer and Dispensing

04/21/00 sr461.pdf
466.1 Valves and Flanges 05/02/80 sr466-1.pdf
469 Sulfuric Acid Units 05/07/76 sr469.pdf
475 Electric Power Generating Equipment 10/08/76 sr475.pdf
1107 Coating of Metal Parts and Products 11/9/2001 sr1107.pdf
1112 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Cement Kilns 01/06/84 sr1112.pdf
1113 Architectural Coatings 11/08/96 sr1113.pdf
1121 Control of Nitrogen Oxides from Residential Type, Natural Gas-Fired Water Heaters 12/10/99 sr1121.pdf
1132 Further Control of VOC Emissions from High-Emitting Spray Booth Facilities 03/05/04 sr1132.pdf
1140 Abrasive Blasting 02/01/80 sr1140.pdf
1145 Plastic, Rubber, Leather, and Glass Coatings 02/14/97  sr1145.pdf
1146.2 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers 01/09/98  sr1146-2.pdf
1151 Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Non-Assembly Line Coating Operations 12/11/1998  sr1151.pdf
1162 Polyester Resin Operations 11/17/00 sr1162.pdf
1166 Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Decontamination of Soil 07/14/95 sr1166.pdf
1168 Adhesive and Sealant Applications 10/03/03 sr1168.pdf
1171 Solvent Cleaning Operations 11/7/2003 sr1171.pdf
1173 Control of Volatile Organic Compound Leaks and Releases from Components at Petroleum Facilities and Chemical Plants 05/13/94 sr1173.pdf
1186 PM10 Emissions from Paved and Unpaved Roads, and Livestock Operations 09/10/99> sr1186.pdf
1302 Definitions 06/13/97 sr1302.pdf
1303 Requirements 05/10/96 sr1303.pdf
1306 Emission Calculations 06/14/96 sr1306.pdf
1309 Emission Reduction Credits 12/07/95 sr1309.pdf
1309.1 Community Bank & Priority Reserve 12/07/95 sr1309-1.pdf
1612.1 Mobile Source Credit Generation Pilot Program 03/16/01 sr1612-1.pdf

* It is important to note that these rules are NOT the most current versions in effect. To obtain the most current versions of these rules, refer to the "Rules & Regulations" section of this Web site.