South Coast AQMD Supports EPA’s Proposed Heavy-Duty Truck Rule Efforts

The U.S. EPA proposed new emission standards for heavy-duty trucks in March. The new standards constitute a major step to significantly cut nitrogen oxides emissions from trucks and reduce air pollution in California. The hope is that U.S. EPA will move quickly on finalizing the most stringent version of this plan by the end of the year, which would apply to vehicles manufactured beginning in 2027. This would bring federal standards closer to those already set in California and provide the most benefits.

South Coast AQMD looks forward to collaborating with U.S. EPA on the proposed heavy-duty truck rule and any future actions that can reduce pollution from ships, planes, and trains. Emissions from heavy-duty mobile sources, including trucks, are a leading cause of air pollution issues in Southern California. The introduction of stringent greenhouse gas emissions standards will lead to increased investment of zero-emission, battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles and push California and the nation to a clean air future.

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