Residents Can Receive up to $12,000 for Upgrading to an Electric Vehicle

At their June 2nd meeting, the South Coast AQMD Governing Board approved $40 million in funds from the California Air Resources Board for the Replace Your Ride Program.  Eligible participants can receive up to $12,000 per voucher later this fall; an increase from the current amount of $9,500. These funds 
can be used to purchase a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle at reduced cost, in exchange for retiring their older gas or diesel-powered vehicle.  

Applicants can also choose to scrap their older vehicle in exchange for a voucher that can be used for an electric bike, car sharing or public transportation passes. 

Since the program’s inception, South Coast AQMD has provided over $77 million in funding and replaced over 9,700 older passenger vehicles with newer fuel-efficient vehicles, e-Bikes and transportation vouchers which have resulted in a reduction of 27 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 1.5 tons of particulate matter (PM) and 37,193 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. More than 90 percent of the vouchers have been issued to low-income participants residing in disadvantaged communities. 

To be eligible for the program, applicants must:  

  • Not exceed household income requirements based on family size and federal poverty rates

  • Own the vehicle for at least 12 months prior to the date of application submittal

  • Clear any liens from the vehicle title

  • Turn in their older gas- or diesel-powered car for scrapping

For a full list of requirements and to apply for free, please visit ReplaceYour and select the “Get Started” tab. If you are interested in applying, please determine your eligibility, or call (844) 797-2223 for further information. 

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