200 HD Vehicle Emissions Study Will Provide Better Understanding of Real-World Conditions

The 200 Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HDV) Emissions Testing Program began in 2017 to study real-world activities and emissions for a wide variety of technologies (engines, drivetrains, fuels and aftertreatment systems) under common driving and operational conditions.

This is one of the most extensive emission studies for HDVs in the country and included testing using portable emissions systems and on-road testing with a fully equipped mobile testing laboratory. More than 200 HDVs were assessed including those used for transit, delivery and goods movement.

This project has helped better understanding of operation activities of different HDVs and how engine performance relates to emissions over different duty cycles and mileage of vehicles The emission measurements collected will help provide updated emissions estimates of the HDVs currently operating in Southern California. Data from this study will improve air quality modeling, along with identify issues and causes that can lead to higher emissions in HDVs. This will provide important new data and will help to improve air quality planning and modeling while also identifying issues and causes that contribute to air pollution.

The findings will also be instrumental in future planning and rulemaking to ensure that intended emission reductions are being met under a wide variety of operating conditions, which will aid South Coast AQMD’s progress toward achieving national ambient air quality standards.

As co-sponsor of the study, South Coast AQMD collaborated with the University of California Riverside and West Virginia University to design and implement the project. Other co-sponsors included the California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board, and Southern California Gas Company. A final report is being prepared on the study and will be made available on the California Energy Commission's website.

For more information, contact Sam Cao at (909) 396-2069. 

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