Off-Road Engines

The "Off-road engines" category consists of compression-ignition engines (i.e. diesel engines) that are found in a wide variety of off-road applications such as construction, industrial, and farming. Some familiar examples include scrapers, excavators, dozers, graders, yard tractors, forklifts, sweepers, stackers, cranes and loaders. This category, however, does not include off-road mobile sources such as locomotives, commercial marine vessels, marine engines over 50 horsepower, recreational vehicles, or any type of on-road vehicle such as line-haul or long-haul trucks, urban buses, and passenger automobiles.

Off-road engine mitigation measures are compiled in Tables I, II, and III. A summary describing the type of information provided in the tables and how to use the data to quantify emission reductions from off-road engines can be viewed by clicking the "Overview - Off-Road Engine Mitigation Measure Tables" link below.

Repowered Engines


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