Rule 1109.1 - NOx Emissions From Petroleum Refineries

Supporting Documents and Forms

Facility Proposed Compliance Plans

A facility with six or more units may elect to demonstrate compliance with the requirements in Rule 1109.1 by selecting one of five alternative compliance plan options. The proposed compliance plans submitted by the facilities establish the implementation timeline and NOx concentration limit for each unit to demonstrate compliance. The proposed facility compliance plans for Rule 1109.1 are below:

I-Plan Table

*Torrance Refining Company’s Title V renewal permit is pending review of public comments received by South Coast AQMD. Their compliance plan for Rule 1109.1 will be issued only after responses have been provided to the public comments and the facility’s Title V renewal process is complete.

Support Documents

The following documents provide information, calculations and requirements for the compliance plans.

The following document includes the facility unit's baseline emission and representatives NOx concentrations as approved by the Board on November 5, 2021


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