Per South Coast AQMD Rule 1403 (PDF)(j)(9): "The provisions of this rule shall not apply to an owner-occupant of a residential single-unit dwelling who personally conducts a renovation activity at that dwelling."

The above exemption applies only to a home owner that personally resides in his house or single family home.  Apartment buildings, townhouses, condominiums, houses that are used for as a rental or lease business/offices are not “residential single-unit dwellings.” An “owner-occupant” is a house-owner that personally resides in the house that is being renovated.

A home-owner qualifies for this exemption if:

  1. The house is not used as rental property or business

  2. The house is not vacant

  3. The home-owner currently resides in the house

  4. The home-owner's name is on the house deed of trust, and

  5. The home-owner personally performs the renovation - not laborers, friends or family members.

South Coast AQMD does not recommend a home-owner to perform an asbestos removal due to potential asbestos exposure and/or cross contamination.

However, any and all asbestos containing waste materials (ACWMs) deposited outside of a home-owner's house as a direct result of any renovation and/or demolition activity performed at this house is subject to all the applicable Rule 1403 (PDF) requirements for handling, storing and disposing asbestos waste.

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