Asbestos Survey Report Requirements

To prevent the disturbance of asbestos containing materials (ACM) during building demolition and renovation activities, South Coast AQMD asbestos Rule 1403 (PDF)(d)(1)(A) and the asbestos federal regulation 40 CFR Part 763 - AsbestosLink to external website. require a PRIOR Asbestos Survey of a facility and its components performed by a Cal/OSHA Certified Asbestos ConsultantsLink to external website. (CAC).

For building demolition, it is required that a CAC perform a thorough and comprehensive site inspection and survey of all the construction materials, including the building site foundations, underground utilities, and potentially inaccessible and hidden materials; and to document the inspection findings and results in a formal Asbestos Survey Report.  For building demolition a limited Asbestos Survey Report DOES NOT satisfy the Rule 1403 (PDF)(d)(1)(A) requirements.

For building renovation, the inspection and Asbestos Survey Report is limited to the affected construction materials that may be disturbed by the renovation.

The purpose of the Asbestos Survey Report is to document and certify which building construction materials DO NOT contain asbestos.  At the same time the survey report is used to identify and quantify the ACM required to be removed prior to a facility demolition or renovation activity that may disturb the ACM, so that neither of these activities release asbestos fibers to the ambient air.

The Asbestos Survey Report requirements in Rule 1403 (PDF)(d)(1)(A) also apply to asbestos inspections and surveys performed at asbestos storage facilities, asbestos waste disposal sites, and at any site affected by an associated disturbance of asbestos containing material(s).  An Asbestos Survey Report for an associated disturbance of asbestos must include:

  • A site asbestos contamination assessment that documents the methods for determining the nature, extent and levels of existing asbestos contamination

  • The CAC recommendations based on the extent and levels of the site contamination, and

  • Adequate and appropriate remedial actions.

A site Asbestos Survey Report must meet all the requirements of Rule 1403 (PDF)(d)(1)(A) and the federal requirements of 40 CFR Part 763 - AsbestosLink to external website..  See the Survey Requirements (PDF, 30kb) checklist.  An adequate Asbestos Survey Report should include the following information:

  • Scope of the survey,

  • Who requested the survey,

  • A description of the facility, building or site being surveyed,

  • The date and time of the inspection(s),

  • The person’s name and qualifications who performed the inspection and sampling,

  • The inspection(s) results,

  • The assessment results, and

  • The CAC’s findings and response action recommendations.

The Asbestos Survey Report must identify all the suspect building materials containing asbestos that were confirmed NOT to contain asbestos, and also include a separate results table summarizing and listing all the suspect materials that tested positive for asbestos.  The results table that lists the materials that tested positive for asbestos must include the following assessments of the materials containing asbestos:

  • Description,

  • Location,

  • Quantities (amounts) in square feet,

  • Condition,

  • Percent asbestos content, and a

  • Statement whether each material is friable or non-friable.

The Asbestos Survey Report must include CAC’s statements that confirm in writing that the sampling method, lab qualifications, lab analytical procedures, and lab method of analysis were performed in compliance with Rule 1403 (PDF)(d)(1)(A) and 40 CFR Part 763 - AsbestosLink to external website. requirements.  Also the Asbestos Survey Report must include the following attachments to substantiate the report:

  • A sample chain of custody that provides a traceable origin and handling of all the samples,

  • A copy of the laboratory analysis sample results,

  • A diagram identifying the sampling locations,

  • Photographs as needed, and

  • Any other relevant data.

Cal/OSHA Certified Asbestos ConsultantsLink to external website. wet signature is required to certify that the content and information in the Asbestos Survey Report is true and correct.

Asbestos Survey Reports are required to be prepared by trained certified professionals without a conflict of interest in the demolition(s) or renovation project(s).  See the Business and Professions CodeLink to external website. 7180 (BP7180).  In California only Cal/OSHA Certified Asbestos ConsultantsLink to external website. are allowed to perform building asbestos surveys and sign Asbestos Survey Reports.  CACs performing asbestos surveys in the South Coast AQMD air basin are subject to Rule 1403 requirements as site operators.  As part of the Cal-OSHA certification CACs are also authorized to prepare plan design, Rule 1403 Procedure 4 plans for dry removals, and Procedure-5 Clean-Up Plan(s) (PDF, 99kb) for remediating associated disturbances of ACM.

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