Vapor Recovery Testing and Pre-Backfill Inspection Scheduling

Vapor Recovery Testing

South Coast AQMD Rule 461 subdivision (e) - Testing, Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements specifies requirements for testing the vapor recovery system of a gasoline dispensing equipment. A vapor recovery system has to be tested within 10 calendar days after initial operation of dispensing fuel.  Initial vapor recovery tests are referred to as Performance Tests.   Additionally, vapor recovery systems must be tested annually (throughput less than 100,000 gallons per month) or semi-annually (throughput more than or equal to 100,000 gallons per month).  These tests are referred to as Reverification Tests.  All vapor recovery system tests have to be scheduled and conducted by certified individuals.

  •  Certified Vapor Recovery Testers
    To find a current list of certified vapor recovery testers (updated 2/23/23), click here.

  • Scheduling a Vapor Recovery Test
    To schedule a vapor recovery test, click here.  For further information, refer to the FAQs.

  • Clarification of Testing Hours
    All performance and reverification testing can only be conducted Monday through Friday during the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Testing may be conducted during weekend hours subject to South Coast AQMD approval. However, South Coast AQMD may require retesting at these stations during regular South Coast AQMD business hours.  South Coast AQMD will require Performance Tests be performed during regular South Coast AQMD business hours so that an inspector can witness the testing. 

  • Training for Testers
    Testers must complete the testing orientation Training Class from South Coast AQMD, and obtain a tester number from the South Coast AQMD. An International Code Council (ICC) issued VT certification is required of all testers.  At the time of issuing a tester number, a picture of the tester will also be taken.  [NOTE: Any person performing vapor recovery repairs and installations must possess valid ICC VI certification.] 

  •  "No Show” Fee
    South Coast AQMD will assess a fee of $518.94 to any contractor that schedules a Reverification/Performance test or a Pre-Backfill inspection and does not conduct the planned event at the specified date and time.

Pre-Backfill Inspection

All vapor return lines of a vapor recovery system must meet certain sloping requirements as stated in Vapor Recovery Executive Orders issued by the California Air Resources Board.  All newly installed vapor return lines or any exposed vapor return line must be inspected by South Coast AQMD prior to backfilling.  All installation or repair of vapor recovery system must be performed by individual possessing an ICC issued Vapor Recovery Installation and Repair (VI) certification and applicable manufacturer certification.  Pre-backfill inspection can be scheduled by certified contractors by clicking here.

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