Information Requested During an Inspection

What information might an inspector request during an inspection?

To facilitate the inspection process, facility representatives are encouraged to provide South Coast AQMD Inspectors with the following basic information:

  • Any changes to the listed name and address of facility.

  • Names, titles, and telephone numbers of facility representatives.

  • Maps showing the location of the facility and its geographic relationship to residences or other neighboring sites potentially affected by emissions.

  • Facility layout plans showing the location of all permitted and unpermitted process and control equipment.

  • Flowsheets identifying sources, control devices, monitors, and other features of the operation.

  • Description and design data for control devices and relevant process equipment.

  • Baseline performance data for control equipment.

  • Process and production information.

  • Sources of emissions and locations of emission points.

  • Product invoices and operating, throughput, usage records.

  • Self-monitoring data and reports, including self-inspection and equipment maintenance checklists.


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