Bowman Plating Company

Background & Facility Information

Bowman Plating Company (Facility ID: 018989) is a metal finishing facility in Compton, California that conducts anodizing, testing, plating, coating, and painting operations on various parts for use in the aerospace and defense industries.  The facility is located at 2631 East 126th Street, Compton, California 90222.  Bowman Plating operates various types of equipment that are subject to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) rules and regulations and permit requirements.
Some of the potential onsite sources of emissions include the chrome anodizing line, nickel and cadmium plating, curing and drying ovens, paint spray booths, abrasive blasting equipment, waste water treatment system and miscellaneous natural gas combustion sources. In addition, equipment such as tanks, racks, and drums, and operations such as, packaging, product transfer, and maintenance and cleaning activities may have the potential to contribute to fugitive emissions.  The primary emitted pollutant of concern with Bowman Plating’s operation is hexavalent chromium (Cr VI).

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AB2588 & Rule 1402 Activities

  • Pre-2014

Pursuant to the Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Information and Assessment Act (AB2588) Bowman Plating Company previously submitted a Health Risk Assessment report in 2007.  The final approved HRA presented a maximum residential cancer risk of 14.2 in a million based on air toxics emissions from 2005-06.  The primary contributor for this risk was Cr VI emissions from spray paint operation.  Due to the cancer risk exceeding the SCAQMD Rule 1402 public notification threshold, Bowman conducted a public notification meeting on 10/24/07.

  • 2014-2016 Activities

 Since the 2007 HRA was approved, Bowman has continued to report its toxics emissions every four years pursuant to AB2588.  Subsequent emissions have been found to be up to 120% higher than the emissions evaluated in the 2007 HRA.  As a result, Bowman Plating Company was requested to update the Health Risk Assessment pursuant to the Rule 1402.  Bowman Plating submitted an HRA update for 2013 air toxic emissions on 10/24/14.  This HRA was then updated to incorporate the new OEHHA health risk assessment methodology established in March 2015, and incorporated into SCAQMD’s Rule 1402 in June 2015, and approved on 12/11/15.  This 2015 HRA update presents a maximum residential cancer risk of 110 in a million and 17 in a million for residential and worker receptor, respectively.  Since the cancer risks exceed action thresholds specified in SCAQMD’s Rule 1402, Bowman Plating is subject to the Public Notification and Risk Reduction requirements.  A public meeting to present the results of the HRA is held on February 9th, 2016.  The Risk Reduction Plan was prepared and submitted in October 2016.  The implementation of risk reduction measures must be completed within 3 years pursuant to Rule 1402.

Public Notification Meeting

Health Risk Assessment Documents

Additional Information

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