Industry-wide Source (IWS) Facilities

Smaller or “industry-wide source” (IWS) facilities in AB 2588 qualify as IWS category.  California H&SC, Section 44323Link to external website. allows an air district to designate an IWS category under the following conditions: 

  • facilities must emit less than 10 tons per year of criteria pollutants; 

  • facilities share a common Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code; 

  • the majority of the class are small businesses; 

  • individual compliance would impose severe economic hardships; and 

  • emissions are easily and generically characterized. 

The South Coast AQMD has identified seven industry-wide categories: 

  • Retail gasoline dispensing; 

  • Perchloroethylene dry cleaning; 

  • Autobody shops; 

  • Fiberglass molding; 

  • Printing and publishing; 

  • Metal plating and finishing; and 

  • Wood stripping/refinishing 

The advantage to an Industry-wide category is that compliance may be handled collectively.  H&SC Section 44323 states that a district may prepare an industry-wide emission inventory and health risk assessment for the IWS facilities.  The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association’s (CAPCOA)Link to external website. Toxics Committee has been tasked with developing statewide emission inventory and risk assessment guidelines for several of these Industry-wide categories.  The guidelines provide a cost-effective and uniform method for calculating facility emissions and estimating toxic risks for these facilities under the South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction.    

Eventually industry-wide risk assessments will be prepared for all the categories listed above.  To date, risk assessments are available for the following: 

Please note that the risk assessments above were performed by the previous OEHHA methodology.  Staff plans to revise the risk assessments according to the 2015 OEHHA methodology.


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