AB 2588 requires the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) to categorize each facility as either high, intermediate, or low priority to determine if a facility needs to conduct a Health Risk Assessment and to determine its AB 2588 fees. Per the requirements of AB 2588, the South Coast AQMD’s prioritization procedure considers the toxicity and volume of hazardous materials released from the facility, and the proximity of the facility to potential receptors (e.g.,  hospitals, schools, daycare centers, worksites, and residences)

The procedure is based on the 2016 version of the Emissions and Potency Procedure recommended by the Facility Prioritization Guidelines of the AB 2588 Risk Assessment Committee of the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA Procedures).  The procedure also incorporates new risk calculation methodologies laid out in the 2015 OEHHA Guidance Manual.

A facility receives two scores: one for carcinogenic (cancer) effects and the other for non-cancer effects. The facility is then given a Total Facility Score (TS) and ranked based on the higher of the two scores. Three categories are used in the ranking: high priority, intermediate priority, and low priority. Facilities designated as high priority are required to submit Heath Risk Assessments to assess the risk to their surrounding community. Facilities ranked with intermediate priority are considered to be District Tracking facilities, which are then required to submit a complete toxics inventory once every four years. Facilities ranked with low priority are exempt from reporting. The following thresholds are used to prioritize facilities:

 Total Facility Score


 TS > 10

High Priority

 1 < TS < 10

Intermediate Priority

 TS < 1

Low Priority

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