Risk Reduction

In 1992, the California legislature added a risk reduction component, the Facility Air Toxic Contaminant Risk Audit and Reduction Plan (or SB 1731), which required South Coast AQMD to specify a significant risk level, above which risk reduction would be required. 

In Rule 1402, the South Coast AQMD Board establishes action risk levels and significant risk levels as follows:

 Action Risk Levels

 Significant Risk Levels 

Cancer risk > 25 in one million

Hazard Index > 3.0
Cancer Burden > 0.5

Cancer Risk > 100 in one million

Hazard Index > 5.0

Also, Rule 1402 establishes implementation schedules for facilities above risk levels.
For facilities above Action Risk Levels:

  • 120 days to submit a Risk Reduction Plan

  • 3 months for the District to approve the Plan

  • 2.5 years to implement the Plan

For facilities above Significant Risk Levels:

  • 90 days to submit an Early Action Reduction Plan

  • 180 days to submit a Health Risk Assessment and/or Risk Reduction Plan

  • 2 years to implement the Plan

In addition, facilities above the significant risk level may be eligible for Voluntary Risk Reduction Plan Program.

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