Health Risk Assessment

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a technical study that evaluates how toxic emissions are released from a facility, how they disperse throughout the community, and the potential for those toxic pollutants to impact human health. 

Both the South Coast AQMD and the state Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) review HRAs submitted by facilities per the requirements of AB 2588.  Facilities that submit HRAs in accordance with these requirements may also do so under the designation as a Potentially High Risk Level Facility. A Potentially High Risk Level Facility is one that has risks that may exceed the Significant Risk Level and is required to reduce risks promptly by submitting an Early Action Reduction Plan and a Risk Reduction Plan (RRP) on expedited timelines.

Questions regarding health risk assessment methodology, guidelines and other AB 2588 issues should be directed to Eugene Kang, Planning and Rules Manager at (909) 396-3524 or via email at  Also, links to risk assessment guidance from OEHHA and the South Coast AQMD are provided at the bottom of this page. 

The sections below list the recently approved HRAs and related AB 2588 documents, including those for Potentially High Risk Level Facilities. Alternate HRAs are not approved by South Coast AQMD and are not allowable for determining risk levels outlined in Rule 1402.

Potentially High Risk Level Facilities

Aerocraft Heat Treating Co., Inc.

Pre-designation Letter & Designation Letter  
2016 HRA & Approval Letter (10/9/2018)
RRP & RRP Approval (4/24/2019)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish
- Presentation in English or Spanish

Anaplex Corporation

Pre-designation Letter  & Designation Letter
2016 HRAApproval Letter (10/9/2018), & Alternate HRA
RRP & Approval Letter (2/6/2020)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish
- Presentation in English or Spanish

Coastline High Performance Coatings, LTD.

Pre-designation Letter & Designation Letter
2019 HRA & Approval Letter (6/7/2022)
RRP & Approval Letter (6/7/2022)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish or Vietnamese
- Presentation in English or Spanish or Vietnamese

Lubeco, Inc.

Pre-designation Letter & Designation Letter
2015 HRA & Approval Letter (9/27/2019)
RRP & RRP Approval (1/23/2020)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish
- Presentation in English or Spanish

Sterigenics US, Inc. - Vernon

Pre-Designation Letter & Designation Letter  
2022 Early Action Reduction Plan & Approval Letter (9/9/2022)

Sterigenics US, LLC - Ontario

Pre-Designation Letter & Designation Letter  

Other Recently Approved Health Assessments:

All American Asphalt (Irvine)

2016 HRA & Approval Letter (8/19/2022)

Air Liquide Large Industries U.S., LP

2016 HRA & Approval Letter (1/29/2021)

Boral Roofing LLC

2015 HRA & Approval Letter (9/13/2018)

Public Notification

- Notice in English

Bowman Plating Company

2013 HRA Update & Approval Letter (12/11/2015)

Public Notification

- Public Notice in English or Spanish

Carlton Forge Works

2012 HRA & Approval Letter (9/9/2016)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish

Equilon Enterprises, LLC

2015 HRA & Approval Letter (6/5/2020)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish
- Presentation in English or Spanish

Exide Technologies

- 2012 HRA & Approval Letter (3/1/2013)

Public Notification

- Notice in English/Spanish

Gerdau Rancho Cucamonga Mill

2011 HRA & Approval Letter (10/8/2015)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish

Glendale Water & Power

2015 HRAApproval Letter (1/22/2019), & Alternate HRA
RRP & RRP Approval (2/18/2020)

Public Notification

- Notice in English
- Presentation English

GS Roofing

2012 HRA & Approval Letter (2/21/2018)

Public Notification

- Notice in English

Hixson Metal Finishing

2013 HRA & Approval Letter (5/8/2015)

Public Notification

- Notice (6/18/2015) in English or Spanish
- Notice (2/11/2016) in English or Spanish

Kirkhill, Inc.

2015 HRA & Approval Letter (9/19/2019)

Public Notification

- Notice in English
- Presentation in English

Light Metals, Inc.

2017 HRA & Approval Letter (9/13/2022)

MM West Covina LLC

2014 HRA and Alternate HRA & Approval Letter (2/7/2020)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish
- Presentation in English or Spanish

Pac Rancho Inc.

2018 HRA & Approval Letter (3/3/2023)

Phillips 66 Wilmington

2015 HRA and Alternate HRA & Approval Letter (8/21/2020)
- RRP & Approval Letter (9/13/2022)

Public Notification

- Notice in English or Spanish
- Presentation in English or Spanish

Quemetco, Inc.

RRP Update (3/21/2017) & Approval Letter (6/22/2017)
2013-14 HRA Update & Approval Letter (5/17/2016)

Public Notification

- Notice in EnglishSpanish, or Chinese

Southern California Edison Company, Pebbly Beach Generating Station

2015 HRA & Approval Letter (5/22/2020)

Public Notification

- Notice in English
- Presentation in English

Southern California Gas Company, Playa del Rey Storage Facility

2015 HRA & Approval Letter (1/2/2019)

Public Notification

- Notice in English

The Boeing Co., Huntington Beach

2012 HRA & Approval Letter (11/10/2015)

Whittier Fertilizer

- 2017 HRA & Approval Letter (2/5/2020)

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