Rule 1103 (PDF)

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Manufacturing Operations

Rule 1104

Wood Flat Stock Coating Operations

Rule 1123

Refinery Process Turnarounds

Rule 1131

Food Product Manufacturing and Processing Operations

Rule 1132

Further Control of VOC Emissions from High-Emitting Spray Booth Facilities

Rule 1133

Composting and Related Operations - General Administrative Requirements

Rule 1133.1

Chipping and Grinding Activities

Rule 1133.2

Emission Reductions from Co-Composting Operations

Rule 1133.3

Emission Reductions from Greenwaste Composting Operations

Rule 1138

Control of Emissions from Restaurant Operations

Rule 1141

Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Resin Manufacturing

Rule 1141.1

Coatings and Ink Manufacturing

Rule 1141.2

Surfactant Manufacturing

Rule 1142

Marine Tank Vessel Operations

Rule 1148

Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery Wells

Rule 1148.1

Oil and Gas Production Wells

Rule 1148.2

Notification and Reporting Requirements for Oil and Gas Wells and Chemical Suppliers

Rule 1149

Storage Tank and Pipeline Cleaning and Degassing

Rule 1150

Excavation of Landfill Sites

Rule 1150.1

Control of Gaseous Emissions from Active Landfills

Rule 1150.2

Control of Gaseous Emissions from Inactive Landfills

Rule 1153

Commercial Bakery Ovens

Rule 1163

Control of Vinyl Chloride Emissions

Rule 1164

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Rule 1166

Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Decontamination of Soil

Rule 1173

Control of Volatile Organic Compound Leaks and Releases from Components at Petroleum Facilities and Chemical Plants

Rule 1175

Control of Emissions from the Manufacture of Polymeric Cellular (Foam) Products

Rule 1176

VOC Emissions from Wastewater Systems

Rule 1177

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transfer and Dispensing

Rule 1178

Further Reductions of VOC Emissions from Storage Tanks at Petroleum Facilities

Rule 1179

Publicly Owned Treatment Works Operations

Rule 1189

Emission from Hydrogen Plant Process Vents

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