Proposed Rules and Proposed Rule Amendments

This page includes a list of rules that are actively in rule development or have recently been proposed and/or amended.

Information regarding Working Group Meetings, Public Workshops, and supporting documents such as presentations, draft staff reports, draft proposed rules, comment letters received, and other information can be found by clicking the rule in the table.

Information associated with the rule development process for rules that were adopted or amended within the past five years can be found on our Archived Page.

Please refer to the South Coast AQMD Rule Book to obtain the current list of adopted or amended rules and regulations.

For current rule forecast please see the monthly Governing Board Agenda.

Rule Name Description
Regulation III Fee Rules
Rule 219 and
Rule 222
Proposed Amended Rule 219 - Equipment Not Requiring a Written Permit Pursuant to Regulation II
Proposed Amended Rule 222 - Filing Requirements for Specific Emission Sources Not Requiring a Written Permit Pursuant to Regulation II
Rule 403.2 Fugitive Dust from Large Roadway Projects
Rule 429 Startup and Shutdown Provisions for Oxides of Nitrogen
Rule 445 Wood Burning Devices
Regulation XIII New Source Review
Rule 1110.3 Emissions from Linear Generators
Rule 1115 Motor Vehicle Assembly Line Coating Operations
Rule 1118 Control of Emissions from Refinery Flares
Rule 1134 and
Rule 429
Proposed Amended Rule 1134 - Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Stationary Gas Turbines
Proposed Rule 429 - Start-Up and Shutdown Exemption Provisions for Oxides of Nitrogen
Rule 1135 Proposed Amended Rule 1135 - Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Electricity Generating Facilities
Rule 1146.2 Control of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) from Large Water Heaters, Small Boilers and Process Heaters
Rule 1147.2 NOx Reductions from Metal Melting and Heating Furnaces
Rule 1148.1 Oil and Gas Production Wells
Rule 1148.2 Notification and Reporting Requirements for Oil and Gas Wells and Chemical Suppliers
Rule 1153.1 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Commercial Food Ovens
Rule 1159.1 Control of NOx Emissions from Nitric Acid Tanks
Rule 1178 and
Rule 463
Proposed Amended Rule 1178 - Further Reductions of VOC Emissions from Storage Tanks at Petroleum Facilities
Proposed Amended Rule 463 - Organic Liquid Storage
Rule 1180 Fenceline and Community Air Monitoring
Rule 1304.2 Greenfield or Existing Electrical Generating
Rule 1304.3 Qualified Native Load Electrical Generating Facility Fee for Use of SOx and PM10 Offsets
Rule 1401.1 Requirements for New and Relocated Facilities Near Schools
Rule 1403 Asbestos Emissions from Demolition/Renovation Activities
Rule 1405 Control of Ethylene Oxide and Chlorofluorocarbon Emissions from Sterilization or Fumigation Processes
Rule 1426.1 Hexavalent Chromium Emissions from Metal Finishing Operations
Rule 1435 Control of Toxic Air Contaminant Emissions from Metal Heating Operations
Rule 1445 Control of Toxic Emissions from Laser and Plasma Arc Cutting
Rule 1455 Control of Toxic Emissions from Torch Cutting and Welding
Rule 1466.1 Control of Particulate Emissions from Demolition of Buildings
Regulation XX NOx RECLAIM
Rule 2202 On-Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Options
Rule 2301 Control of Emissions from New or Redevelopment Projects
Rule 2304 Indirect Source Rule for Commercial Marine Ports
Rule 2306 Indirect Source Rule for New Intermodal Facilities
Rule 4001 Maintenance of AQMP Emission Reduction Targets at Commercial Marine Ports
Rule 4010 Emissions Inventory and Health Risk Assessment Submittal Requirements for the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach
Rule 4020 Backstop Requirements for Emission Reductions and Health Risks at the San Pedro Bay Ports

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