Proposed Rule 1410 - CaSE Comment Letters

South Coast AQMD staff has received more than 3,900 comments letters to date through the Californians for a Sustainable Economy (CaSE) website. The majority of the comments are form letters containing the message posted below; however, some of the form letters include additional opinions or text. Below is a partial list of the commenters' names and remaining names are forthcoming.
Comment form letters received from September 2018 to present.
Subject: Message to the SCAQMD Opposing Any Ban or Phase-Out of MHF

Message Body:
Dear Chairman Burke and Refinery Committee Chairman Parker or McCallon:

I am writing in regards to Proposed Rule (PR) 1410, and recommend the SCAQMD move forward with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the refineries impacted by the rule for the following reasons:

• A MOU allows mitigation concepts to be designed for each refinery;
• A MOU is the best approach to quickly implement safety technology enhancements;
• A MOU accommodates the unique footprint of each refinery and takes into account that there is not a “one-size-fits-all" engineering solution.

I oppose a ban or phase-out of MHF because:

• The unmodified compound, hydrofluoric acid (HF), has been an important part of manufacturing for more than 250 years;
• HF is currently used in many other industries to make common consumer products such as computers, cell phones, electric lighting, pharmaceuticals and more;
• There are 120 HF/MHF alkylation units throughout the world. The refining industry makes up less than two percent of the HF use worldwide;
• Of the 89 U.S. refineries with alkylation units, over half (50) use HF or MHF. The remaining 39 use sulfuric acid, which also requires strict safety protocols and is the only other commercially proven alkylation technology available.

According to the California Energy Commission, a ban of MHF could cause two Southern California refineries to cease operations. If this were to happen, the state could potentially lose thousands of jobs, and it could result in higher gasoline prices at the pump for California residents, businesses, and government. Having affordable fuel that is readily available is a vital part of the California economy.

I respectfully urge you and the other SCAQMD Governing Board Members to support the installation of enhanced safety measures and to implement them through a MOU to achieve timely and tangible safety benefits, while preventing the negative economic consequences a MHF ban or phase-out could cause.

Thank you.
This comment was sent from a contact form on the CaSE website (

Sent by the following:

Vanessa Rodriguez
Gesuina Paras
Kevin Plummer
Karina Carias
Nicholas Fernando
Penny Wirsing
James Moore
Eddie Walters
Julie Bofinger
Sankar Mahadevan
Jared Bockoff
Mike Gheno
Rodney Hotchkin
Carl Cooper
Benjamin Zywiciel
Christine Jones
Stephanie Weide
Scott Root
John Schibinger
Rhonda Clark
Lori Windisch
Edward Ennis
David Forshee
Katie Jensen
Eric Jensen
Franklin Keller
Joe Benitez
Keri Holt
Jesus Pinon
Kirk Trees
Nicole Hartman
Max Oppendahl
Zach Blaylock
Tony Lazalde
Oscar Heredia
Emiliano Villegas
Art Acosta
Ron Vakulich
Will Hicks
Kris Aflatooni
Logan Bagby
Ronald Stein
Steve Giffin
Joe Perrotto
Beverly Michaud
Kei Rietz
Alex Krause
Anthony Robinson
Peter Casey
Ashvinkumar Vaza
Barbara Graham
Scott Ford
Melba Duarte
Nikola Zebeljan
Charles Hood
Farideh Mehrdad
John White
Karin Root
Alex Hoffman
Ramiro Cantu
Lynn Argianas
David Ngo
Edmund Golpashin
Allan Colman
Michelle Livergood
Phillip Barnes
Cindy Barnes
Alex Davidson
Seth Collinsworth
Noel Hawkins
Moahengi Fotu
Brian Edwards
Nicholas Robinson
Logan Allen
Matthew Franzoy 
Claudio Pardo
Frank Vlach
Juan Martinez
Vern Traxler
Monica Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez
Julio Sanchez
Juan Serrano
Victor Sanchez
Jennifer Alberda
Jarid Root
Jace Root
Jackie Alberda
Joseph Solon
Justin Williams
Hussein Nassar
Marco Contreras
Brett Brown
Miles Kajioka
Josh Leevy
Denis Kajioka
Ferdinand Santos
Rachel Brossman
Kelsey Terry
Adriane Simon
Jose De Los Santos
Paul Lopez
Uriel Reyes
Nelson Flaniken
Rosio Contreras
Dirk Voerman
Renee Nygaard
Valerie Tse
Ben Chou
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Ramirez
Keith Tront
Anthony Mooney
Betsy Brien
Terrence Brown
Owen Smith
George Putnam
Travis Chandler
Meir Snir
Steven Steach
Jose Montenegro
Sheila Walters
Gene Wunderlich
Rachel Kallick
Teri Shinde
Jill Craig
Kiyoshi Shinde
David Piotrowski
Ben Clayton
Brandon Mortorff
David Griggs
Hector Carbajal
Herb Kleeman
Joshua Pavloff
Nat Williams
Oscar Del cid Seguna
Ray Camacho
Ruby Rodriguez
Tom Morton
Glenn Santa Cruz
Justine Ambrocio
Gertrina Woods
Mary Ann Thomas
Ernesto Toscano
Benjamin Casillas
Aldo Cuevas
Rudy Hernandez
Arturo Hernandez
Jessica Marquez
Edward Lopez 
Fernando Lorenzo
Jesus Gallardo
Juan Angel
Gabriel Fonseca
Jesus Meji
Elsa Camacho
Javier Acuna Jr.
Joel Garcia
Jaime Diaz
Francisco J Becerra
Steven Hernandez
Terry Steelman
Ruth Long
Robert Godinez
Patrick Illingworth
Freddy Rodriguez
Joel Plascencia
Ricardo Ortega
Joseph Lopez
Ray Lopez
Benjamin Candelaria
Brenda Negron
Homero Lucatero
Iran Millan
Jose Antonio Mederos Rojas
Jonathan Mendoza
Chris Moreno
Oscar Gatica
Willian Flamenco
Gustavo Mejia
Gerardo Mota
Lanie Graham
Sean Graham
Joan MacKay
Andrew Graham
Carlos Moscosa
Julie Hill
Robert Scarborough
Gloria Martinez
Ralph Mixon
Tiffany Wilson
Majan Gersonde
Herman Becaria
G. Rick Marshall
Taylor Obico
John Hanna
Wil Buley
Manish Misra
Tracy Hernandez
Nicholas Marko
Roya Bozorgnia
Alberta Felix
Yvonne Ryan
Julian Canete
Pedro Santillan
Maria Vallardares
Steven Mendoza Mendoza
Anna Parada
Zoar Cabrera
Jorge Torres
Andrew Mayorga
Joaquin Santos
Julian Jimenez
Alex La Farga
Josh La Farga
Eddie Rivera
Patrick Swarthout
Oscar Mon
Mary Gherna Matson Mary
Daniel Javier
Antonio Lopez
Dustin Swysgood
Scott Smith
David Socolofsky 

Comment form letters received from January 2018 to September 2018.
Subject: Message to the SCAQMD Opposing Any Ban or Phase-out of MHF 

Message Body:
Dear Chairman Burke and Refinery Committee Chairman Parker:

I am writing in regards to Proposed Rule (PR) 1410 and the possible ban or phase-out of Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF).

I oppose banning or phasing-out Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF) and encourage you to continue allowing its use.

Oil production and refining have been key components of California’s economy for generations and remain important economic engines for the state, literally helping to power our high quality, mobile way of life.

According to the California Energy Commission, banning MHF could cause two Southern California refineries to cease operations—if this were to happen, the state would probably lose thousands of jobs, and it could cause higher gasoline prices at the pump for California residents, businesses, and government.

I understand that HF has been in use for over 250 years and many other industries also use this chemical to make common consumer products such as computers, cell phones, and pharmaceuticals. There are 89 U.S. refineries with alkylation units and of those, fifty use HF or MHF. Both California refineries use the modified version of HF (MHF).

California’s refineries adhere to the strictest regulations in the world, including safety measures that protect their workers and the communities that surround them. PR 1410 should focus on enhancing these measures, while ensuring California refineries are able to remain in business to produce the fuels we need to sustain our economy and way of life.

Banning MHF is unnecessary and is the wrong approach to refinery safety. I respectfully urge you and the other SCAQMD Governing Board Members to oppose any such ban or phase-out.

Thank you.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on the CaSE website (

Sent by the following:
Audra Platz
Gertrina Woods
Ally Payne
Jim Schulz
Jonathan Gieseke
Nancy Perez
Steven Steach
Michael Capone
Kristy Day
Farideh Mehrdad
Edmund Golpashin
Noel Hawkins
Logan Bagby
Carl Cooper
Jusitn Williams
David Forshee
Joe Carson
Neil McTernan
Lori Windisch
Daniel Ingram
Charles Hood
John Schibinger
Wayne McPartland
Vern Traxler
Brian Cummins
Penny Wirsing
Matthew Forrest
Taylor Obico
Vanessa Frausto
Diane Lynch
Rafael J Anguiano
Donna Bender
Gary Willard
Jill Alexander
Dan Hoffman
Herb Wedekind
Virginia Bowen
Louis Bowen
Alex Blidaru
Brad Nack
Adam Webb
Franklin Keller
Harry Crowell
Rachel Kallick
Nancy Kuria
Ronald Stein
Federico Kindweiler
Eddie Walters
Neil Forker
Doug James
Elias Zamora
Roland Rietz
Daniel Sinks
meir snir
Rebecca Siris
David Ingram
Jose De Los Santos
Jill Entner
Alex Krause
Valeri Cardello
Gesuina Paras
Kerri Holt
Casey Wickman
Eric Kutschale
Edward Ennis
Jesus Frausto
Gabriela Sandoval
Ashvinkumar Vaza
Richard Au
Ruben Caputo
Juan Martinez
Catherine Atienza
Lyrae Monson
Robert Douglass
John Conklin
Jared Bockoff
Jeffrey Henyan
Kim kjeldsen
Ellyn Mcintosh
Oscar Lopez
chris moreno
Stephen Hillier
Arturo Reyes
Zoila cruz
Eduardo Samia
Rene Lara
sergio tapia
jennifer tapia
Peter Casey
Dele Majekodunmi
Craig Sakamoto
Katie Pearson
James Moore
Juan McKinney
Robert Chaney
Daisy Mah
Rudolf Cuss
Kevin Billing
Angela Billing
Romaine Thomlison
Colleen Mooney
Vijay Mistry
Bisser Peltekov
Vincent Herring
Casey Woods
Kevin Teel
Randy N.
Randy Erickson
James Reed
Jack Allen
Logan Allen
Clay Sandidge
Jennifer Hill
Brett Brown
Brad Jensen
Steven Toth
Claudio Pardo
Alex Snider
Nancy Benitez
alex capitulo
Sandy Cajas
Andy Euster
Gregg Stiglic
Vanessa Rodriguez
Scott Smith
David Mstson
Matthew Pinto
matt francis
Laurie Mihal
Steve Rivera
David Vargas
Tony Templet
Richard cibrian
Marcos Leandro
Sandro Conchas
Francois Vaillancourt
Anthony Robinson
Monique Vaillancourt
Michelle Livergood
Arlene Vaillancourt
Jake Clapham
Stacy Moulton
William McClure
Chip Adams
Mike Bullock
Anita Castillo
Joe Waldinger
Uyen Lam
Lindsey Reed
James Frassett
Gerald Swoope
Edward Ligtvoet
Max Pasarow
Susie Pasarow
Kevin Wold
Anthony Pasarow
Maryann Lane
Joe Alvarez
Gary Galvan
Perry Sheng
Ron Jessing
Michael Patterson
Ramiro Cantu
Douglas Hahn
Philip Barnes
Eric Heraux
Mckannaro Keo
Kars Rene
Atousa Ligtvoet
Dickson Ntia Jr
Bill Parker
Katie Jensen
Scott Lafayette
Stacie Francis
Nickole Williams
Linda Brown
Scott Root
Chris Cheek
Jorge Ramirez
Mike Gheno
Janet Rayes
Stephen Corney
Katherine Orgeron
David Orgeron
Eric Ventura
Reyna Lopez
Iona Matson
Robert Mullenger
sam rahimian
Les Hardy
Dawn Jessing
Barry Riddle
Ron Miller
Karin Root
Seth Collinsworth
Rodger Garrard
Tina Garrard
Tyler Garrard
Jeremy Garrard
Bobby Jackson
Mike Stem
William Boyd
Jerald Drone
Rodney Johnson
Carlos Lopez
Nikola Zebeljan
Kathleen Johnson
tyler bullock
Sandy Barbee
Edward Barbee
Martin rocha
Hans Van Doornum
Sankar Mahadevan
Nandhini Sankar
Steven Mcsweeney
Rey Yslas
Henderson Thomas
Ryan Shulemson
Benjamin Zywiciel
Alan Roman
Joe Morales
Lionel I Scott jr
Cindy Barnes
Ada Carson
Christopher Newton
Barbara Graham
Sean Graham
Brian Hutchinson
Don Mackay
Joan Mackay
Scott Pearson
Willis Stazkow
Bo Steinbach
Jessica Dilley
Gary Demaria
Mary Matson
Brian Normand
Edward Hart
Julie Bofinger
Lupe Aldaco Jr
Jaime Ruvalcaba
Josephine Moore
Pamela Farra
Antonio Mateos
Mike Chouinard
Amber Chouinard
Regan Chouinard
Jeff Ignowski
Mark Chouinard
Desiree Chouinard
Ron Chouinard
Sharon Chouinard
Randy Saas
Christine Saas
steve schramm
Nicholas Robinson
Danial Levins
Laura Marin
Valerie Tse
Morteza Panbechi
Dirk Voerman
Mathew Troncao
Jennifer Uriarte
Edward Lopez
Duane Blackman
Tyna Hall Bradley
leon Reed
Michael Kulusich
John Maciel
Christopher Limas
Richard Wirsing
Jeff Nash
Manuel Pelayo
Shane Hartman
Lluvia Urguia
Hugo Urguia
Shawn Hedberg
Leiani Hedberg
Matthew Franzoy
Corinne Franzoy
Gordon Kelly
Tina Ennis
Karina Carias
Robbyn Smith
Giselle Keller
Andrew Pardo
Kelly Pardo
Chris Pardo
Scott Warren
Christine Jones
Alicia Pardo
Amy Kim
Mike Hornack
Adonis Harris
Eduardo Carrillo
Laurie LathamBrandt
Filippo Caselli
Denise Villafana
Steve Giffin
Atef Yacoub
Natasha Jassal
Jackie Alberda
Eric Blair
Salvador Rojas
Terri Sughroue
Evan Oliver
Maribel Alejandre
Rodrigo Guevara
Ramon Alejandre
david piotrowski
Andrew Lui
Julie Hill
Pete Gerber
Corina Dubon
Ellie Vanderlist
Daniel Alvarez
Moahengi Fotu
Tony Lazalde
Juan Gonzalez
Nikola Tesic
Liroy Williams
Katherine Munoz
Curtis Rhodes
Darlene Trujillo
Connor Jarman
Debra Gallant
Roland Gallant
Roland & Debra
Melissa Higgins
Agustin Figueroa
Brian Edwards
Gustavo Valero
Josh Leevy
Stephanie Welde
Arlen Fitterer
Judy Costilow
Cory Schepp
Daniel Enos
Rob Van Lingen
Salvador Lara
Jonathan Naishtat
Roya Bozorgnia
AJ Warren
Karina Rodriguez
Manish Misra
Mark Applegate
Larry Halvorsen
Rigoberto Lopez
Irene Ordaz
Stella Gasset
Irene Garibay
Sabrina Silva
Ryan Billing
Kimberly Ambas
Jeffery Ambas
Ramona Billing
Toff Trinneer
Job Velez
Bianca Garcia
Emiliano Vargas
Raymond Obico
David Socolofsky
Nancy Kresher
Matt Te
Samaneh Fatemi
Gary Aminoff
Tom Van De Pol
Cameron Taylor
Carol Porter
Daniel Porter
Dave Livergood
Ashley Viramontes
Paulina Rodriguez
Kevin Ebel
Suzy Evans
Debra Cunningham
Mark Farnsworth
Robert Habel
Jason Hagan
Alan Elliot
Paulo Fiamengo
Simie Seaman
Jonathan Viveros
John White
Pia Nack
Roman Smetaniuk
Sergio Schonfeld
Jane Schonfeld
Gabriel Bermudez
Jiri Dlab
Irmfard Lake
Vinod Jeyakaran
Robert Harvel
Michael Maurer
Emily Schepp
Craig MnKennon
Jace Root
Jarid Root
Scott Ford
Rene Echevarria
Beatriz Landero
Kristopher McGowan
Antonio Bendicion
Niema Loera
Paul Trigg
Ferdinand Santos
Marco Macias
Mike Hodgson
George T Prewitt
Lynn Argianas
Roddy Posada
Anelise Maldonado
Raquel Villagomez
Jesus Gallegos
Andrea Dolak
Marie White
Marco Contreras-Rios
Javier Natividad
Cynthia Hailey
David Rivera
Karen McLaughlin
Marina Roberts
Karen Maurer
Misael Santana
Scarlet Gonzalez
Aianna Payton
Gerardo Mejia
Matthew Torres
Stacey Rodriguez
Anthoniey Rodriguez
Edward Aguilar
Michelle Higgins
Mark Torres
Nicole Torres
Shawny Torres
Rosio Contreras
Aaron DeSimone
Luis Garcia
Eric Peterson
Jason Seieroe
Becky James
Mark Entner
Jesus Rodriguez
Edgar Gurrola
Jose Vasquez
David Skuba
John Hanna
Thomas Hester
Roy Nitzshner
Jeff Markovich
Betsy Brien
Denise Marrufo
William Baxter
Patty O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly
Maria Ilomin
Lenny Geliza
Jasmine Barragan
David Junco
Jose Barragan
David Barragan
Jennifer Barragan
Maria Barragan
Robert Starks
Sean Song
Paul Hernandez
Bob Paris
Guillermo Soto
David Henseler
Karina Santizo
Erik Von Dehsen
Clay Tompkins
JM Grothe
Samuel Penrod
Salatiel Macias
Zaragoza Robles
Michael Torres
Edgar Paz Salguero
Delmyn D. Conchas
Anner Hellsing
Edgardo Hernandez
Christian Perez
Samantha Sowers
Jose Miguel Rosales
Shivani Vaza
Jesse Robles
George Ramsey
Rosida Ramsey
Djon Venegas
Steffanie Siebrand
Omar Hamid
Juan Vallejo
Marty Kurner
Mike Spence
Vincent Valdivia
Laura Vasquez
Mirella Zepeda
Jason Wissinger
Jordan Wiens
Linette Mong
Omar Jara
Agustin Varela
Rudolph Williams
Greg Liliston
Anthony Duarte
Ken Rausch
Mark Phair
Julie Kelly
Alfonso Rueda
Francisco Alfaro
James Ocallaghan
Anthony Valadez
Joe Cina
Danny Rodriguez
Ben Chou
Sarah Smith
Diego Ash
Karen Ryan
Mitch Ponce
Marlene Carney
Brian Hopper
Vincent Herring
Anthony Xamthis
Heather Shohet
Francesca Sakamoto
LeDawn Ingram
Rhonda Clark
Carlos Ramirez
Ben Claytom
Rudy Rodriguez
Herb Kleeman
Tom Morton
Glenn Santa Cruz
Nathaniel Willams
Joshua Pavloff
David Griggs
Brandon Mortoff
Gus Torres
Hector Carbajal
John Ferruccio
Oscar Delcidseguna
Sharon Gibbs
Eddie Rodriguez
Steve Hooker
Fern Snir
Dwight Scott
Joseph Solon
Andres Flores
Ruth Gabriel
Sergio Gutierrez
Kelsey Bonzer
Saul Serna
Gary Hogrebe
John Feikema
Laura Albin
Bob Arellano
Larry Hogrebe
Diana M Morell
David Galland
James Boyd
Veronica Duran
Luke Swoboda
Ed Curtis
Ricardo Lara
Ryan Gandy
Jackie Reddick
Kelly Corbin
Bryan Locke
Mike Martinez
Rafael Carranza
Monica Sanchez
Mark Burnside
Vidal Arce
Bille Caskey
Albert Hernandez
Bonnie Blankenship
Quy Nguyen
Jose Luis Esparza
Peter Estrada
Nicolas Garcia
Michael Sauced
Angel Hernandez
Erik Von-Dehsen
Sal Torres
Tammy Traxler
Arturo Alvarado
Dillon Griffin
Frank Camacho
Sam Felanai
Albert Ayala
Nick David
Jose Montenegro Jr.
Annette Denning
Robert Helbing
Delmyn Conchas
Gabriel Zunigamarin
Samuel Salcedo
Renieri Moreno
German Munguia
Michael Mitchell
John Montenegro
Steve Kelley
Phillip Barnes
Michelle Kendig
Scott Lanie
Isabel Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez
Chet Chhem
Alan Perucho
Jeffrey Diaz
Mark Garcia
Eddie Wise
Kevin Lopez
James Piworski
Javier Ibarra
Dale Flechinger
Edwrd Wedig
Eddie Madrigal
Pedro Santillan
Joaquin Santos
Julian Jimenez
Mike Bogroff
Steve Mendoza
Tamara Bogroff
Andrew Mayorga
Alex La Farga
Eddie Rivera
Anna Parada
Jorge Torres
Zoar Cabrera
Maria Valledares
Amilcar Lara
Paul Kanner
Gary Johnson
Michael Howard
Luke Orsborn
Dale Marian
Albert Loimo
Jaleene Loimo
Randy Miller
James Billbrey
Robert Van Lingen
Demetrius Stevenson
John Tran
Mark Thomas
Alex Davidson
Edward Cantu
Craig Davidson
Marsha Davidson
M.I. Davidson
Louie Lucero
Tracy Glass
Brandon Hague
David Henderson
Josh Yeager
Ryan Heustis
Damon Roulhac
Valdamar Harness
David Campbell
Eloy Huizar
Joshua Parker
Nathan Duncan
Bradley Lancaster
Demarco Emery
Stephen Schmidt
Kelly Cabezas
Gene Brewer
Gary Hawkins
Eric Cardona
Lisa Bowman
Regina Fleming
Teodorico Albis
David Simmons
Amy Roth
Claudine Garcia
Kyler Correia
Cristy Modzeleski
Jenny Uriarte
Danny Navarro
Anthony Hernandez
David Sinclair
Jeremy Diaz
Robert Bailey
Hugo Garcia
Matthew Montfomery
Deborah Rhoads
Gilbert Verdugo
Justin Walters
Paul Flores
David Grody
Aurelio Zepeda Jr
Daniel Leanos
Mauricio Rivas
David Kessinger
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerry Kennon
Nestor Alfaro
Ruben M Diaz
Miguel Orellana
Juan Orellana
Dario Campos
Eduardo Galvan
Christian Ramos
Daniel Wills
Rodrigo Salazar
Alex Walker
Doug Wilson
Ruben Tellez
David Pimental
Gerardo Flores
Dan Grody
Charlie Sandoval
David Bowen
Bertha Montenegro
Jose Montenegro
Kevin Plummer
Delmis Barboza
Vanessa Rubalcava
Justin Evans
Alex Lopez
Miguel Rea
Tofili Faoliu
Arturo Alvarez
Irma Mimila Saito
Ricardo Zuniga
Eveian Grigsby
Diego Madrigal
Howard Kuykendall
Tamika Smith
Kevin Ruiz
Anthony Martinez
Jonathan Gonzalez
Victor Roman
Agustin Muratalla
Daniel Rodriguez
Luis Mata
Rogelio Juarez
Lilian Tan
Owen Smith
Jeff Williams
Art Reyes
Steve Pennington
Jeanette Garcia
David David
Alejandro Torres
jorge Lara
Adan Hernandez
Jesse Woods
Joaquin Villalpando
Adalberto Garcia
Marcelino Ocana
Timothy Horibe
Claude Parker
Kevin Root
Jose Gidelacera
Austin Marratella
Ruben Silva
Max Oppedahl
Kimmaria McClain
Jeanette Sproule-land
Erika Valadez
Virginia Benak
Edmond Sanchez
Douglas James
Josie Moore
Jeff Henyan
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Hill
Miles Kajioka
Irene Munoz
Danielle Ledesma
Teri Shinde
William Burton
Richard Benak
James Sanchez
Francisco Vasquez
Nancy Socolofsky
Jim Kawagoye
Manuel Ramirez
Jeremy Lance
Nelson Flaniken
Jim Schultz
Keith Tront
Justin Williams
Allan Filoteo
Michael Vincent
Dave Cotton
Michael Martin
Allison Payne
Marco Contreras
Jesus Pinon
Roger Theroux
Travis Chandler
Alexander Krause
William Buley
Carlos Marquez
Robert Nack
Joseph Acuna
Steve Brett
Anthony Moonery
Steve MacAller
Hussein Nassar
Huss Nassar
Layla Ben Khadra
Nisreen Nassar
Frank LaRussa
Ron Vakulich
Jill Peterson
Nicole Birdasll
Michael Taylor
M Hodgson
Rodney Hotchkin
Oscar Montilla
Hilliard Livingston , P.
Karen Boner
Kaylee Gieser
Giovanni Sorto
Jessica Marquez
Robert Corlane
Benjamin Casillas
Rodolfo Rodriguez
Saul Sanchez
Manuel Marquez
Victorino Guzman
Juvenal Padilla
Kriss Bonilla
Benny Romero
Juan Hernandez
Raul Diaz
Enrique Rodriguez
Fred Rodriguez
Alex Cardena
Fermin Contreras
Hector Espinoza
Hector Ochoa
Matthew Mendibles
Patrick Illingworth
Victor Lopez
David Ngo
Nick Jaramillo
Hector Langarcia
Juan Saenz
Travis Nelson
Panfilo Arenas
William Flamenco
Oscar Duran
Isaac Caraveo
Jesus Lorenzo
Martin Gutierrez
Chris Newton
Raymond Obico
Kevin Cunningham
Ben Clayton
Jerry Elliot
Brandon Mortorff
Josh Pavloff
Nathaniel Williams
Mark Blea
Agustin Alvatara
Jesse Gonzalez
Joel Valdez
Albert Altamirano
Alejandro Noriega
Robert Godinez
Darryl Foster
Ruben Cruz
Aroldo Guerra
Mario Chavez
Jorge Mejia
Antuan Wilson
Roberto Renteria
Joshua Mata
Johvany Urbina
Edgar Pineda
Samuel Pelaez
Larry Vasquez
Dennis Rivera
Sal Fernandez
Rodolfo Morales
Tulio Hernandez
Gerardo Santoyo
Raul Mora
John Perez
Carlos Marroquin
Cristian Canela
Lance Copley
Kevin Guerra
Rafael Cancino
Herman Quevedo
Jesus Gallardo
David Gomez
Tyler Hinkley
David Zepeda
Jose Pompa
Jaime Cuevas
Jorge Parra
Aldo Cuevas
Fernando Lorenzo
Humberto Herrera
John Hollowell
Federico Rodriguez
Jaime Castillo
Inez Cuevas
David Aguilar
Miguel Trejo
Juan Diaz
Roberto Mata Jr
Juan Carlo Terriatias
Richard Baze
Alfred Estrada
Shelby Franklin
Sergio Bautista
Eri Sotelo
Jose Flores
Carlos Menlo
Adolfo Hernandez
Alejandro James
Omar Flores
Anres Carillo
Ramon Escobedo
Alfonso Reyes
Juan Cuevas
Narciso Rodriguez
Thomas Foran
Silviano Hernandez III
Robert Corbeil
Pedro Fernandez
Faustino Auglas
Jose Rincon
Joseph Elletier
Alejandro Chacon
Kenneth Contreras
Martin Arana
Rodney Verdusie
Darren Sherman
Alex Garcia
Inocencio Santiago
Victor Marquez
Vidal Alvarez
Rony Grijaula
Joel Cardenas
Erwin Cabieles
Ramiro Sanchez
Enrique Dominguez
Daniel Cervantes
Alfonso Martinez
Angel Ixta
Jorge Rodriguez
Emilio Carrillo
Cesar Carcamo
Benjamin Guzman
Santos Constanza
Rafael Arriegada
Pedro Rivera
Jose Rojas
Lucio Crespo
Alex Hollande
Joel Silva
Juan Carrillo
Richard Crespo
Osbaldo Perez
Miguel Machado
Ramiro Archila
Gustavo Miranda
Damian Ortiz
Juan Angel
Juan Carlos Garduno
Jesus Mejia
Gerardo Tovar
Steven Hernandez
Enrique Gil
Adrian Galvez
Damian Valdez
Alexander Coronado
Isaac Arriegada
Jason Scott 
Gergorio Vargas
Marco Chinchilla
Raul Golon
Jose Miranda
Jose Peralta
Javier Lazaro
Juan Rocha
Enrique Contreras
Allen Carberry
Robert Mejia
Juan Soperanez
Jose Zaragoza
Paul Jones
Juan Gutierrez
Jesus Lopez
Javier Villegas
Steven Staso
Beverly Findley
Fernando Vasquez
Michael George
John Durham
Charles Watkins
Billy Eidelberger
Travis Boyd
Derrick Degonnel
Chrisendeash Boodhai
Jose Garcia
Anthony Guerrero
Oscar Maldonado
Lamanella Ratcliff
Rick Linder
Bobby Henley
Chad Elliot
Tanner Hates
Pedro Vasquez
Anthony McDonald
Justen Bartholomew
Joe Hannifin
Sahakburby Sim
Jordan Dearden
Pete Wohlgezogen
David Palacios
Peter Barrera
Arturo Llerenas
Fernando Sanchez
Matthew Hanna
Arturo Camacho
Bayron Pinon
Vincent Burr
Fred Laulio
Josh Pauloff
Romeo Limon
Pedro Aristegui
Anthony Reyes
Jesse Sanchez
Billy Mason
Jessica Mark
Jose Parisa
Chris Hahn
Ernest Kelly
Michael Walsh
Carlos Gonzalez
Mark Burnside
Turner Cho
Lonell Black
Humberto Del Castillo
Melissa Leal
Oscar Del Cid
Gregorio Perez
Bruce Moore
Luis Franco
Salvador Raigez
Stephen Shute
Art Mares
Marco Quijda
Soledad Gonzalez
Ingram McDaniel
Cesar Ulffe
James Irwin
Adam Lopez
Scott Denamur
Mario Santoyo
David Lopez
Juan Garcia
Jesus Fernandez
Christian Lopez
Ernesto Toscano
John Koesterer
Richard Stull
Mike McKendry
Sean Dangleis
Peter Ahn
Josh Chang
Carless Shields
Citlali Castillo
Daniel Perez
Armando Sanchez
James Limas
Izzy Villegas
Sarah Jones
S. Williams
Anthony Gonzales
Gustavo Reveles
Mike Torres
Oscar Padilla
Sergio Perez
Austin Papez
Michael Douglas
Danae Pouliot
Anthony Anguiano
Andrew Mojica
Hwan Lee
John Franklin
Deon Watson
Jose Arrendondo
David Wederlich
Raymond Muro
Timothy Hoyt
Vince Audrey
Juan Torres
Chris Likkard
David U
Matt Dirling
David Grabowski
Moises Moreno
Areana Tate
Larry Potter
Robert Tovar
Vanessa Martinez
Nicolas Thompson
Marilyn Jefferson
Joaquin Perez
Kenneth Therton
Stanley Kerecha
Will Welchmanck
Juan Reveles
Andres Martin
Luie Jimenez
Cameille Brisco
Adam Perez
Phillip Perez
Monique Gutierrez
Shawn Russ
Arturo Luque
Jose Martinez
Daniel Soriano
Robert Gutierrez
Steven Murphy
Bratt Ledesma
Jaime Bautista
Erik Carranza
David Walsh
Ruben Uribe
Jonathan Harrell
Travis Lopez
John Velasquez
Rafael Diaz
Brent Larkey
Juan Barajas
Angel Camacho
Jose Herrera
Tony Magallanes
Jose Godoy
Armando Sandoval Jr.
Nelson Estrada
Daniel Camberos
Alfred Alvarado
Michael Angelo
Carlos Vasquez
Eric Gartz
Samuel Olivo
Juan Montoya
Fidel Pineda
Nestor Molina
Manuel Mendez
Alfonso Macias
Yoharny Del Cid
Yurandir Escobar
Felix Cardona
Enrique Morales
Miguel Carranza
Hector Ramirez
Victor Carranaza
Alfonso Viramontes
German Ortega
Joshua Tate
Brian Stephenson
Marvin Davis
Antonio Cardoso
Savitich Enrique
Nicholas Garcih
Alfredo Leyva
Guillermo Villanes
Hugo Castaneda
Tyler Rosenbaum
Ricardo Granizo
Luis Miramontes
Sheshana Green
Miguel Leyva
Floyd Richardson
Robert Canales
Juan Romero
Nick Mardonovia
James Denington
Michael McKinney
Jeffrey Nestor
Jonathan Phillips
Jose Macedo
Mynor Esquivel
Rafael Rosales
Benjamin Salinas
Daniel Salas
Andres Bejines
George Ramirez
Juan Sanchez
Nicholas Montagua
Michael Hyller
Raymond Navarro
David Chavez
Phillip Young
Turquoise Dullen
Rafael Williams
Oscar Alonso
Carlos Vera
Juan Camacho
Javier Garay
Sergio Gomez
Alejandro Varela
Miguel Cuevas
Wilbur Murray
Jesus Cuevas
Joaquin Martinez
Sergio Garcia
Armando Robles
Luis Ivanca
Servando Rodriguez
Kevin Battle
Marco Chavez
Anthony Roldan
Domingo Castillano
Juan Valdez
Alex Ignacio
Keon Traylor
Daniel Soto
Guillermo Rios
Edgar Fajardo
Felipe Rojas
Oscar Cuevas
Javier Ore
Miguel Plata
Carlos Mata
Manuel Sanchez
Mitch Davis
Alfredo Vargas
David Macias
Anthony Salazar
Farit Rendon
Michael Zamudio
Greg Limones
Lai Malauuw
Joseph Galtan
Gilberto Gutierrez
John Purcea
P. Dean De La Pina
Vincent Mascorro
Fernando Real
Mike Vega
Oscar Rocha
Raymond Rocha
Simon Garza
Carter Snowden
Nick Norris
Anthony Gomez
Adan Anaya
Luis Munoz
Rudy Andes
Ryan Naef
Richard Sioson
Jesse Garcia
James Sabatucci
Josh Sorrells
Felipe Castaneda
Isaias Mejia
Jaime Hernandez
George Martinez
George Guzman
David London
Steve Logan
Isaac Lepe
Braulio Lepe
Chris Romer
Mike Benavidez
Chris Perez
Adrian Nunez
Jose Luis Garra
Luke Suroboda
Alex Gevena
William Garcia
Mauricio A Cuevas
Richard Avila
Arturo Mendez
Julio Silva
Aaron Garea
Gabriel Cortez
Danilo Beltran
Robert Natividad
Marco Segura
David Urtez
Matthew Idzerda
Chance Allen
Joel Prisit
Josh Thereson
Sirquincy Bernard
Michael Fernandez
Javier E. Salcido
Erika Horta
Adam Soto
Michael Arevalos
Jesse Halverson
Michael Burgos
Michael Bougherz
Jorge Iniguez
David Fenger
Anthony Barrera
Teresa Brice
Mark Candelaria
Jeremy Labreau
Ed Corrales
Keshay Scott
Ryan Eidinger
William Lezeski
Jackson Porras
Jonathan Simental
Evrett Hancz
Shawn Davis
Pedro Saucedo Lopez
Jonathan Ruiz
Tommy Cormack
Mario Vargas
Jaime Angel
Jacob Pray
Marco Solis
Robert Hargreaves
Hector Aguayo
Jesse Barnett
Michael Barnett
Martin Lopez
Joshuan Acevedo
Michael Esparza
Matt Hernandez
Mario Miranda
Sal Alvarez
Andrew Rodriguez
Alfredo Juarez
Melody Smith
Alfredo Diaz
James Every
Keith Williams
Ray Sosa
Whitfield Hinds
Carlos Longoria
Jorge Rivera
Everardo Caballero
Matthew Webb
Richard Romo
Matthew Love
Thomas Macon
Derald Tucker
Daniel Aguilar
Javier Avila
Jose Pearson
Xavier Lopez
Sydney Rodalfo
Fred Gonzalez
Armando Hernandez
William Eichelberg
Grier Leonard
Jon Cortez
Joe L. Galvern
Kip Smith
Rito Orosco
Mario Morales
Chris Skouras
Raul Rubio
Charles Watkiss
Mario Colocho
Brandan Johns
Jacob Ruff
Michael Macias
Sean Roberts
Ben Van Herwaarden
Nicolas Aguilar
Jaime Sahagun Jr.
Derek Salas
Hector Tostado
Glen Cadoger
James Monsoor
Daniel Dyche
Laura Eli
Jose Borgia
Whitfield Himos
Marvin Marzanieg
Jorge Rocky Rivera
Eduardo Cabella
Carlos Morrales
Adam Fernandez
Robert Hereda
Edward Kim
Pasi lkahihifo
Brian Van Hernandez
Charles Daniz
Melissa Leer
David Wolfe
Juan Botero
Kodi Valdiviez
Tom Vladiviez
Kymberly Cleen
Luis Porres
Geurg Ball
Mark Montana
Bob Bynarvaez
Rachel Valdivia
Jason Huber
Stewart Bradley
Eric Webbez
Oscar Delcid
Jim Borgroff
Jason Jundlar
G. Dettenburg
Tony Capeni
Gilbert Verdes
Wilson Soohoo
Varn Shaffer
Steve Jones
Kelly Smith
Josh Han
Randy McDonald
Jayson Adamsor
Tim Seymour
Gase Heinggla
Eithel Piva
Jason Hawkins
Dom McCarthy
Josh Ryburn
Eric Taylor
Roman Hernandez
William Kendrick
Sean McCormack
Matt Montgomery
Phil Fillers
Anthony Flores
Cory Woods
Preston Riehl
Mark Hensley
Ryan Relucio
Frankie Farro
Vince Ewing
Matt Simpson
Patrick McCormack
Jack Freeze
Jason Hernandez
Robert James
Robert Hollidy
Alex Navarro
Art Lopez
Branden Sandahl
Mark Mongnoson
Miguel Villanueva
Henry Blas
John Kendred
Wyatt Styles
Doug Weson
Scott Dumas
Oscar Del Sid Seguna
Rod Cobes
Adam Harvey
Art Cendejas
Caris Catam
Jenny Kallela
Ben Pangan
Bryan Rlormy
Marat Trubin
Sebastian Kreszchen
Sal Rodriguez
Dean Burke
Anthony Moriho
Bryan Reyes
Hector Rosales
Kirk Halohen
Sam Shiphen
Ken Miller


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