The State continues to offer buy-down incentives for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) resulting in the South Coast AQMD’s program for the buy-down of zero-emission vehicles for fleets. Despite this effort and the greater environmental benefits offered by PEVs, widespread demand and deployment have been hampered by public concerns over cost, battery lifetime, vehicle range, and charging station infrastructure. The South Coast AQMD will continue to consider projects addressing these concerns as well as the use of PEVs in fleet or niche applications.

Most of the major automobile manufacturers are now directing their efforts toward hybrid electric technologies in both light-duty and heavy-duty applications as well as off-road equipment. In particular, diesel and gasoline fueled hybrid electric vehicles, and specialty light-duty pure electric vehicles, have entered the commercial market. Such vehicles offer the benefits of higher fuel economy and increased range, as well as lower emissions. Hybrid electric technology is not limited to gasoline and diesel engines, and can be coupled with natural gas engines, microturbines, and fuel cells for further emission benefits in the future. As mentioned for fuel cells, there is also the potential for cross-platform hybrid development for vehicle to grid power. 

South Coast AQMD is partnering with agencies across the state on PEV readiness and is the lead agency for the DOE PEV readiness grant and co-leads a PEV readiness grant with SCAG from the CEC. South Coast AQMD is also the lead agency for administering the SoCalEV Ready grant from the CEC, which will deploy approximately 300 publicly accessible chargers throughout Southern California. Click here for further information on the SoCalEV Ready Implementation Program.

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