Air Quality Management Plan Advisory Group - 2022 AQMP

Advisory Group information including history and mission

Synopsis Of History

There have been advisory groups associated with the development of past air quality management plans (AQMP). The AQMP Advisory Group will assist in the development of the 2022 AQMP. Staff initiated the AQMP Advisory Group meetings for the 2022 AQMP beginning October 2019.

Advisory Group Mission

To review the overall aspects of a draft air quality management plan and to make recommendations concerning emission inventories, modeling, control measures, and socioeconomic impacts, including: 

  • Review and provide comments on (a) studies relevant to advancing scientific and technical knowledge in support of AQMP preparation; (b) emissions inventory development and modeling approaches; (c) the development of new and revised control measures, including on-and off-road mobile sources; (d) socioeconomic data and evaluations.  
  • Foster coordinated approaches toward overall attainment strategies.  

  • Assist in resolving key technical issues. 


The 2022 AQMP advisory group members are drawn from a cross-section of the community representing major businesses, small businesses, environmental organizations, and government agencies.  The Governing Board can receive recommendations for appointments to serve.  The current approved AQMP Advisory Group Members (PDF, 262kb) will assist during the development of the 2022 AQMP.  The membership was last approved (PDF, 130k) by the South Coast AQMD Governing Board at its September 6, 2019 meeting.  Subsequent additions and changes to the membership are approved by Chairman of the Governing Board.


The Governing Board’s Stationary Source Committee is the Board’s liaison for this Advisory Group.  The Advisory Group will provide its recommendations regarding the AQMP as they are developed and final comments will be provided to the Executive Officer at least sixty days in advance of the proposed date of release to the public of a draft air quality management plan.

 2022 AQMP Advisory Group Calendar and Agendas*

South Coast AQMD Socioeconomic Assessments

On October 4, 2013, the Governing Board approved a contract with Abt Associates Inc. to review the South Coast AQMD socioeconomic assessment for Air Quality Management Plans and individual rules with the goal of providing recommendations that could enhance South Coast AQMD's  analysis and be implemented to support the 2022 AQMP.

Advisory Group Contact Person: Sang-Mi Lee (909) 396-3169.

Other Information

Blue Ribbon Panel Regarding Operations of Board Advisory Groups

Click here for information regarding the AQMP Advisory Group meetings and the 2022 Air Quality Management Plan.


Sang-Mi Lee
(909) 396-3169
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