Asthma and Outdoor Air Quality Consortium

Because of growing concern on the link between air pollution and asthma, the South Coast AQMD's Chairman proposed an initiative to establish a consortium of researchers to conduct research to better characterize the relation between air pollution exposure and asthma.  As a result of that initiative, the South Coast AQMD Board approved the establishment of the Asthma and Outdoor Air Quality Consortium in February, 2004 and directed 10 percent of FY 2002-03 penalty revenue—approximately $723,000—to fund such consortium for research projects relating to asthma and outdoor air quality. 

The goal of the Asthma and Outdoor Air Quality Consortium is to conduct research to better understand the relation between air pollution and asthma and to ensure protection of public health.  

The Board approved a work plan for the Consortium and authorized a contract with UCLA to manage the Consortium and solicit research proposals. The Consortium, through UCLA, solicited proposals from leading asthma and air-quality investigators at universities within the South Coast AQMD boundaries.  Six research projects totaling approximately $623,000 were approved for funding, and are listed below.

For further information, contact Dr. Jo Kay Ghosh, Health Effects Officer, 909-396-2582.

Mechanisms of Particulate Toxicity: Use of the Proteomics to Develop Markers for Oxidative Stress in Asthma by Using Ozone and Artificial PM Exposures

Principal Investigator: Andre Nel, M.D.
UCLA School of Medicine

Relationships Between PM, Traffic, and Asthma

Principal Investigator: Rob McConnell, M.D.
USC School of Medicine

Exhaled NO in Asthmatic Children and Personal Particulate Matter Exposures

Principal Investigator: Ralph J. Delfino, M.D., Ph.D.
UC Irvine Department of Medicine

An Automated Aerosol Concentration System for the Collection of 
Suspended Particulate Matter in Aqueous Solutions Suitable for Toxicological Assays

Principal Investigator: Constantinos Sioutas, Sc.D. 

Traffic-related Air Pollution and Acute Respiratory Diseases and 
Asthma in Children Ages 0-5 in the SoCAB from 1990-2000

Principal Investigator: Beate Ritz, M.D., Ph.D.
UCLA School of Public Health

Interaction of Reactive Organic Compounds with the Capsaicin Receptor

Principal Investigator: Arthur K. Cho, Ph.D.
UCLA School of Medicine


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