Local Government & Small Business Assistance Advisory Group


The Board established several Advisory Groups in 1997 to allow direct input from community members into the rulemaking, technology, and policy-making decisions conducted by the District.  

Membership in the Local Government and Small Business Assistance Advisory Group allows for greater participation from local government, business interests, as well as concerned citizens and residents within AQMD jurisdiction. In addition, attention has also been given to geographic and regional diversity for representation on the Advisory Group.


Provide input on implementation of the Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP), public outreach, role of local government in achieving clean air, and small business issues; review and make recommendations regarding:

  1. Public outreach activities related to impacts of existing and proposed regulation on small business and local Government;

  2. Source education; 

  3. Small business loan and assistance programs; 

  4. Proposed draft rules including those most significantly impacting local government and small business; and 

  5. A policy for first-time offenders - a no-penalty "fix-it" notice (Notice to Comply) unless violations are flagrant or intentional.  

Provide policy level recommendations on issues within the Agency's jurisdiction that impact local governments and small businesses.  Specifically, the group shall:

  • Review emissions attributable to small businesses, local government, and community activities and the AQMP’s overall approach to reducing them and make recommendations regarding the emissions. 

  • Review and make recommendations regarding SCAQMD's communications with small businesses, local governments, and community-based organizations. 

  • Review and make recommendations regarding the AQMD's small business, local government, source education and community outreach programs and materials, enforcement policies and rules. 

  • Act as a resource to AQMD for innovative problem solving, resource leveraging, and partnership building. 


This Advisory Group has 20 members; seven (7) represent local government concerns, five (5) represent small business concerns, and five (5) represent general public concerns, and three (3) SCAQMD  Board Members.  Regionally, there are ten (10) members representing Los Angeles County, three (3) members representing Orange County, three (3) members representing Riverside County, and one (1) member representing San Bernardino County.  Each Advisory Group member is recommended and appointed by the SCAQMD Governing Board.

Membership Roster:

  • Mayor Ben Benoit, Chair
  • Supervisor Janice Rutherford
  • Dr. Clark Parker
  • Felipe Aguirre
  • Rachelle Arizmendi
  • Paul Avila
  • Geoffrey Blake
  • Todd Campbell
  • LaVaugn Daniel
  • John DeWitt
  • Bill LaMarr
  • Rita Loof
  • Eddie Marquez
  • Cynthia Moran
  • David Rothbart

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Agendas


This Advisory Group reports to Administrative Committee.

Staff Contact Person:   

Stacy Garcia (909) 396-2495.


Amended Charter for LGSBA Group and Appoint Members


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