Young Leaders Advisory Council

The mission of the Young Leaders Advisory Council is for South Coast AQMD to educate and engage young adults regarding the region’s clean air issues and at the same time to garner from them greater insight into their generation’s concerns, values and priorities about air quality.


The South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) established the Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) in 2017, to identify the air quality issues and concerns of young adults (aged 18-35) in the region. This group seeks to engage this generation specifically, and to benefit from their passion, commitment, and urgency to help improve our air. The Council meets on a quarterly basis.

Meeting Agendas


YLAC consists of 20 members, with at least two members from each county within the South Coast AQMD jurisdictional boundaries in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Appointments will be made by the Governing Board Chair with consideration for Board Member input, and following review by the Administrative Committee. The same process, as above, applies for reappointments to fill any vacancy or for removal of a member. The potential members, who represent some of the most highly impacted communities within South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction, will serve a one year term with the possibility of being reappointed for additional one-year terms. 


Staff Contact:

Heather Pomeroy (909) 396-3074.

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