Hearing Board Case Documents

Supporting documents related to upcoming hearings for variances, permit appeals, and orders for abatement.
Hearing Date Case Name and
Type of Hearing Case Documents
April 7, 2021 Southern California Edison - Center Peaker Case# 1262-113 Short Petitioner's Exhibit 2Petitioner's Exhibit 1Proposed Variance Conditions, Permit Condition E57.1, Petition
March 30, 2021
Rescheduled to 4/14/21
Booster Fuels, Inc. Case# 6171-3 Appeal P/C Conditions 1) Issuance of Subpoenas Partial Motion to DismissExhibit FFExhibit EEExhibit DDExhibit CCExhibit BBExhibit AAExhibit ZExhibit YExhibit XExhibit WExhibits Q, S, T & VExhibits D-P,  Safety and Emergency Response PlanStandard Operating Procedures - Orange County Supplement Exhibit 32Exhibit 31Exhibit 30Exhibit 29Exhibit 28Exhibit 27Exhibit 26Exhibit 25Exhibit 24aExhibit 24Exhibit 23,Exhibit 22Exhibit 21Exhibit 20Exhibit 18,  Exhibit 17Exhibit 16Exhibit 15Exhibit 14Exhibit 13Exhibit 12Exhibit 11Exhibit 10Exhibit 9Exhibit 8a,  Exhibit 8Exhibit 7Exhibit 6Exhibit 5Exhibit 4Exhibit 3Exhibit 2Exhibit 1 - Audio, m4a, 141 KBMonthly Dispensing Report - September 2019ORVR Data - SEPTEMBER 2019Amendments to Terms and Conditions of SOAFindings & Decisions for Case# 6171-2February 21, 2020 Appeals PetitionResearch & Development Expansion TimelineExhibit BExhibit AApplication and Proposed Subpoena for Karin ManwaringApplication and Proposed Subpoena for RecordsAppeal PetitionNotice 

Hearing Board documents can also be accessed online through the F.I.N.D (Facility INformation Detail) web tool that allows the search of public information about South Coast AQMD-regulated facilities.

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