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In 1997 the South Coast AQMD adopted 4 guiding principles and 10 initiatives to ensure environmental justice for all.  One of the 2004/2005 Environmental Justice Enhancements (PDF, 69kb) was to improve public participation in the permitting decisions.  To accomplish this initiative, the South Coast AQMD has established a single location allowing public access to all public notices related to permitting activities. 

Public notice is required if a facility applies to permit a new or modified emission source located within 1,000 feet from the outer boundary of a school, or if the emission increase from a new or modified facility exceed certain threshold levels, or if a new or modified emission source from a RECLAIM or Title V facility increases the emission of toxic air contaminants that may expose a person to cancer risks above a certain threshold.  Public notices are also required for new, renewed, or significantly revised Title V permits, as required by federal law.  Federal Law ensures the public’s right to know about and comment on proposed permit actions regarding major facilities. 

In all of these instances, South Coast AQMD will publish a notice in a daily or community newspaper; the applicant will distribute the notice as required in Rule 212 (d). All Permitting Public Notices are also entered into a searchable on-line database which can be accessed at the Permitting Public Notices Search page.

To initiate a search for all Permitting Public Notices you must enter a date range.  The date range is defaulted to the last six months.  Public notices are only available if they have been posted on our web site within the last six months.  If you are looking to review a Public Notice that is more than 6 months old, please submit a Public Records Request Form (DOC, 53kb) request to our Public Records office.

To further help narrow the search you can enter, in any combination, Company ID must be the complete ID), Company Name, City, County, and/or Zip Code.  You can also check a box for Title V Facilities Only or RECLAIM Facilities Only.

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