Team O Directory

ERC/NSR/General Commercial/Government/Oil & Gas/IM Coordination/Change of Operator

Manager: William Thompson, 909-396-2398

Secretary: vacant

This team is responsible for permitting-related issues for the following:

  • Agricultural Operations

  • Animal Clinics/Veterinarians

  • Bulk Loading

  • Change of Operator Permits (facility or partial change)

  • Commercial ETO Sterilizers

  • Dairies

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Dust Plans R-403

  • Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Transactions, Applications and questions regarding ERCs

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

  • Gasoline Stations

  • Government Agencies/City & County Public Utilities

  • Homecare/Hospice/Convalescent Homes

  • Information Management Coordination for Engineering and Compliance

  • Laundry Facilities/Dry Cleaning

  • Lead Casting (e.g. battery manufacturers - small facilities)

  • New Source Review (NSR) Administration and Support

  • Office and Commercial Buildings (boilers, emergency ICE's, multiple ICE plans R-1472)

  • Oil and Gas Production

  • Outer Continental Shelf Equipment

  • Rejection of Incomplete Applications and Delinquent Applications

  • Indoor Shooting Ranges

  • Rule 222 Registrations

  • ICE Certification





 Merrill Hickman


 Senior Office Assistant

 Emily Lawson


 Data Technician

 Lisa Krebs


 Data Technician

 Jamie Allen


 Senior AQ Engineer

 Jason Taylor


 AQ Engineer II

 Randy Matsuyama


 AQ Engineer II

 Nabil (Bill) Gobrial


 AQ Engineer II

 Jackson Yoong


 AQ Engineer II

 Rizaldy Calungcagin 


 AQ Engineer II

 Maria Vibal


 AQ Engineer II

 Ken Laird


 AQ Engineer II

 Atul Khandari


 AQ Engineer I

 David Lui 


 Asst. AQ Engineer

 Carolyn Wiley


 Asst. AQ Engineer

 Winnie Cho


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