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Guidance Document for
Addressing Air Quality Issues in
General Plans and Local Planning

May 6, 2005


From this page you may view or download individual Chapters or the entire Air Quality Guidance Document.

The guidance document is a living document that will be updated periodically to reflect the latest technical information and to address implementation issues.  This document will be periodically revised to:

  • update current air quality and health effects information, including MATES III data;
  • include examples of adopted General Plan policies, local ordinances, or measures for other jurisdictions; and
  • consider a four-tier format for consistency with state guidelines for General Plans.

The Air Quality Guidance Document is available as an Adobe Acrobat file  (PDF).  To view or print these files you may need to download the free Acrobat Reader.

Guidance Document - Complete document and Board Letter

Complete Guidance Document (May 6, 2005) - (PDF - 9,912kb)

Board Letter - Governing Board Meeting, May 6, 2005 - Agenda Item #35

Guidance Document - Table of Contents / Chapters

  • Title page and table of contents (PDF - 21kb)
  • Preface (PDF - 13kb)
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF - 176kb)
    • Regulated Air Pollutants
    • Effects of Air Pollution on Health and Welfare
    • The Role of Federal, State, and Local Agencies to Reduce Air Pollution
    • The Regional Comprehensive Plan
    • The Regional Air Quality Management Plan
    • Environmental Justice
    • Format of the Document
  • Chapter 2 - Air Quality Issues Regarding Land Use (PDF - 165kb)
    • Local Government Siting Criteria for Sensitive Receptors
    • Job Housing Balance
    • Suggested Goal, Objectives and Policies/Strategies Related to Land Use
  • Chapter 3 - Transportation (PDF - 43kb)
    • Categories of Mobile Source Emissions
    • Transportation and Indirect Source Control Programs
    • Congestion and Transportation System Management
    • Suggested Goal, Objectives and Policies/Strategies
  • Chapter 4 Stationary Sources of Air Pollution (PDF - 24kb)
    • Categories of Stationary Emission Sources
    • Suggested Goal, Objectives and Policies/Strategies
  • Chapter 5 - Reduction of Fugitive Dust (PDF - 29kb)
    • Suggested Goal, Objectives and Policies/Strategies
  • Chapter 6 - Energy (PDF - 26kb)
    • Energy Conservation
    • Site Plan and Building Design Considerations
    • Public Facilities and Fleets
    • National and California Building Standards
    • Suggested Goal, Objectives and Policies/Strategies
  • Chapter 7 - Public Awareness and Education (PDF - 25kb)
    • Suggested Goal, Objectives and Policies/Strategies
  • References (PDF - 16kb)
  • Glossary (PDF - 38kb)
  • Appendix A - Cities & Counties Within the SCAQMD That Have Adopted Air Quality Elements In General Plans (PDF - 14kb)
  • Appendix B - Ambient Air Quality Standards (PDF - 26b)
  • Appendix C - Health Effects of Ambient Air Pollutants (PDF - 17kb)
  • Appendix D - Coachella Valley Model Dust Control Ordinance (PDF - 40kb)
  • Appendix E - Funding Resources Available to Local Jurisdictions to Support the Implementation of Suggested Policies/Strategies (PDF - 23kb)

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