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  • ATTACHME T G Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment for ...
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    Jun 30, 2010 ... Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Proposed Amended. Rule
    1143 – Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-Purpose Solvents.
  • rule 1151. motor vehicle and mobile equipment nonassembly line ...
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    Jun 13, 1997 ... operator repair/paint shops, custom-made car fabrication facilities, truck body-
    builders, and residences. Motor vehicle assembly-line coating ...
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    Otherwise, enter the mixing ratio for the paint, thinner (solvent), and harden- er (
    catalyst) for the coating as applied, e.g. 1:1:1 for a coating mixture of 1 part ...
  • Guidelines for Reporting Emission Credits from Recycled Wastes
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    gallon and the emission factor of the waste paint (VOC content of waste paint) is
    1.8 pounds per gallon of material. Method 1: On Form W, enter the liquid ...
  • Reducing VOC Emissions from VOC-Containing Materials
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    Paint thinners (Rule 1143). – Metalworking fluids (Rule 1144). – Plastic/Rubber/
    Glass (Rule 1145). – Auto refinishing (Rule 1151). – Polyester Resin (Rule 1162)
  • Example for Auto Body Shops and Car Dealers
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    certified lab analysis for each waste shipment]. • Note: The default percent
    solvent (70%) does not apply to waste shipments containing mostly paint waste
    and ...
  • SCAQMD METHOD 311-91
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    Jun 1, 1991 ... 5.4 Calculate gram metals per liter of coating by the following formulas: Vol % of
    coating in paint = 100 -. (W)(Dp) -. (E)(Dp). Dw. De. Metal, g/L =.
  • TORF Alky Safety Systems_FINAL
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    May 18, 2017 ... Open path lasers on unit perimeter o Acid Evacuation System. - Blast wall around
    fresh acid and AES storage vessels o Acid detecting paint ...
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District November 2013
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    Four coating systems certified for SLC. ▫ Only 2 coating systems are approved for
    application on EXISTING ASTs in. SCAQMD: ➢Ponderosa Paint Company, Inc.
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    Default coatings are a special type of paint intended to cover small areas for
    specialty uses. The default coating category is now defined within the Table of ...

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