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  • 301-91
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    materials or as liquid paints.) 4.1.1 If ... If a reference paint sample from the
    suspected source ... powder coatings and paint particles for chemical comparison
  • Development of an Improved VOC Analysis Method for Architectural ...
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    21 on Chemical Analysis of Paints and Paint Materials. Current edition approved
    March 10, 2003. Published May 2003. 2Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol ...
  • SCAQMD METHOD 311-91
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    Jun 1, 1991 ... 5.4 Calculate gram metals per liter of coating by the following formulas: Vol % of
    coating in paint = 100 -. (W)(Dp) -. (E)(Dp). Dw. De. Metal, g/L =.
  • Aboveground-Storage-Tanks
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    Ponderosa Paint Company, Inc. • Enviro-Clad 2600 DTM/Urethane mastic (
    component A), color white (100), and. • Enviro-Clad 2600 Catalyst (component B)
  • Final Environmental Assessment for Proposed Rule 1143
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    Feb 1, 2009 ... It is also used as a cleaning agent, paint thinner, and in paints and varnishes. It is
    found in small amounts in airplane fuel and gasoline. 1. As a ...
  • SCAQMD VOC Test Methodology Working Group Preliminary ...
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    Apr 30, 2014 ... 1.2.3 Because air is the typical matrix for paints and coatings, it should be the ...
    Experiment with a laboratory formulated 'zero'-VOC paint.
  • Rule 1132
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    paints, varnishes, stains, sealers, thinners, cleanup solvents, thinning solvents,
    inks, fountain solutions, adhesives, and sealants. VOC- containing materials do ...
  • Rule 1151
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    Sep 5, 2014 ... of logos, letters, designs, numbers, or graphics to a painted surface by brush ...
    created between the part to be coated and the paint particles.
  • October 30th Meeting Final Draft High
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    Oct 30, 2013 ... Paint Film Extraction !5. Brad Parrack !6. Samples. Compounds. High Gloss
    Sealer. Pentaethylene Glycol. Elastomeric Deck Coating ...
  • A P P E N D I X D
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    Urethane Fortified Alkyd. Floor and Deck Enamel. Interior/Exterior. 373. 51.3 +/ 2.
    400-500. Coat w/paint thinner. Not resistant to high heat/ corrosion chemicals.

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