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  • SCAQMD method 304-91
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    1. Refer to the most recent version of ASTM D 1475 (Standard Test. Method for
    Density of Paint, Varnish, Lacquer, and Related Products) to determine the
    density ...
  • Valero Presentation
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    Valero Wilmington Alky Mitigation Systems. Detection. • Earliest detection via
    acid indicating paint. – Acid indicting paint applied to all flanges and connections
    in ...
  • ATTACHME T G Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment for ...
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    Jun 4, 2010 ... Rule 1143 – Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-Purpose Solvents ... material
    VOC limit of 25 grams per liter for all consumer paint thinners ...
  • Guidelines for Reporting Emissions from the Use of Materials ...
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    Depending on the method of application, emissions from the use of materials
    containing organic compounds include volatile organic compound (VOC), ...
  • About SCAQMD
    ... considered stationary sources; these include house paint, furniture varnish, ...
    types of equipment, industrial processes, paints and solvents, even consumer ...
  • Rule 1168
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    Jul 19, 1991 ... Compatible with paint per ASTM C1520 Standard Guide for. Paintability of Latex
  • Example for Auto Body Shops and Car Dealers
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    mostly paint waste and still bottom solids (greater than 15% solid by weight). 4.
    Data Field 4: Quantity. • The weight must be converted to gallons. In order to ...
  • Team L Directory, Area Sources
    Consumer Paint Thinners & Multi-purpose Solvents/Rule 1143. Fees for
    Architectural Coatings/Rule 314. Halon Emissions from Fire Extinguishing
    Equipment/ ...
  • 6) Attach E_PAR 1107 Rule Language
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    Feb 7, 2020 ... products and which has a paint formulation approved by a United States Military
    ... damage to the coating following normal painting operations.
  • Amend Rule 1113 – Architectural Coatings
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    Apr 19, 2011 ... guns by homeowners, painting contractors, and maintenance personnel. ... end-
    users of coatings which include paint and wall covering ...

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