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  • AQMD Form 400-E-18
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    Paint Condition: Good. Poor. Shell Length (ft.): Is Tank Underground? Yes. No.
    Effective Column Diameter: 9” by 7” Built Up Column - 1.1. Internal Shell Color:.
  • San Bernardino Dry Cleaners with AQMD permits
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    Has Necessary Permits. • Complying with Permit. Conditions. • Using Compliant
    Paints, Solvents, etc. • Completes Records Correctly. ® Business Must Agree to.
  • About
    Many consumer products are also considered stationary sources; these include
    house paint, furniture varnish, and thousands of products containing solvents ...
  • Spray Equipment Transfer Efficiency
    Guidelines for qualifying their spray guns as capable of a 65 percent transfer
    efficiency or as meeting or exceeding the transfer efficiency of HVLP spray ...
  • Rule 1151
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    Sep 5, 2014 ... created between the part to be coated and the paint particles. (13) EMISSION
    CONTROL SYSTEM means any combination of capture systems ...
  • Super Compliant Architectural Coatings
    "Super-Compliant" refers to low VOC paints that that have been reformulated to
    exceed the regulatory VOC limits put forth by South Coast AQMD's Rule 1113.
  • SCAQMD METHOD 302-91
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    Principle. 1.1 A weighed sample is placed in a vacuum apparatus and ...
  • Permitting Staff
    Rule 1143 Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-purpose Solvents, L, 2390. Rule
    1149 Tank or Pipeline Degassing Notifications, X, 2326. Rule 1166 Soil Vapor ...
  • Spray Equipment Transfer Efficiency Test Procedure for Equipment ...
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    May 24, 1989 ... Scales to weigh substrates and paint pots. 2. Pressure-pots/cups. 3. Cans to
    prepare coatings. 4. Viscometers (Zahn or Ford Cup). 5. Markers.
  • Auto Body Shops
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    Aug 2, 2019 ... Auto Body Shops. Background. Auto body shops specialize in repairing vehicles
    by fixing paint or body damage from scratches, dents,.

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