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  • South Coast Air Quality Management District November 2013
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    Four coating systems certified for SLC. ▫ Only 2 coating systems are approved for
    application on EXISTING ASTs in. SCAQMD: ➢Ponderosa Paint Company, Inc.
  • Draft Socioeconomic Analysis
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    May 1, 2011 ... The paint contractors belong to the construction sector. (NAICS 238).
    Assumptions of Analysis. Two Scenarios were created to assess the cost ...
  • Amend Rule 1113 - Architectural Coatings
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    Feb 5, 2016 ... retailer, the coatings may sell-through much quicker than three years (big box
    store versus a small mom and pop paint shop). In 2006, when the ...
  • AQMD Form 400-E-18
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    Paint Condition: Good. Poor. Shell Length (ft.): Is Tank Underground? Yes. No.
    Effective Column Diameter: 9” by 7” Built Up Column - 1.1. Internal Shell Color:.
  • Small Business Assistance Programs of the AQMD
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    Has Necessary Permits. • Complying with Permit. Conditions. • Using Compliant
    Paints, Solvents, etc. • Completes Records Correctly. ® Business Must Agree to.
  • Guidelines for Reporting Emissions from the Use of Materials ...
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    Depending on the method of application, emissions from the use of materials
    containing organic compounds include volatile organic compound (VOC), ...
  • SCAQMD METHOD 302-91
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    Principle. 1.1 A weighed sample is placed in a vacuum apparatus and ...
  • Permitting Staff
    Rule 1143 Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-purpose Solvents, L, 2390. Rule
    1149 Tank or Pipeline Degassing Notifications, X, 2326. Rule 1166 Soil Vapor ...
  • rule 1151. motor vehicle and mobile equipment nonassembly line ...
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    Jun 13, 1997 ... operator repair/paint shops, custom-made car fabrication facilities, truck body-
    builders, and residences. Motor vehicle assembly-line coating ...
  • Draft Staff Report for PAR1113
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    Aug 7, 2013 ... Clarify that Rules 1143 – Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-Purpose Solvents
    and 1171 – Solvent Cleaning Operations apply to solvent ...

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