Airport MOU Progress Reports

Annual progress reports on MOU implementation

MOU Progress Reports

Following the adoption of the MOUs in December 2019 and at the request of South Coast AQMD board members, semi-annual progress reports on MOU implementation were presented to the Mobile Source Committee on June 19, 2020 and January 22, 2021, respectively, by staff from South Coast AQMD and representatives from the airports. These semi-annual progress updates by airports mainly provided qualitative assessments on implementation of MOU measures. In addition, despite the impact of COVID on airport operations in 2020, all five airports re-iterated their commitments to implement the MOU measures.

As part of its enforceable commitment, South Coast AQMD is required to submit progress reports to the U.S. EPA by November 1st of each year beginning 2021. These progress reports are based on annual reports submitted by each airport by June 1st, which quantify actual performance levels and associated emissions reductions for the previous calendar year for each of the MOU measures. Based on these annual progress reports, South Coast AQMD staff quantifies the corresponding State Implementation Plan (SIP) NOx emissions reduction credits based on the specified in Appendix B of the FBMSM for Commercial Airports Staff Report. The progress reports are presented below.

In July 2021, CARB provided updated emission factors, load factors, and deterioration rates for gasoline/LPG GSE which were included in the airports' emissions inventory calculations.

South Coast AQMD's Reports to EPA

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