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Permitting Update

Quemetco has filed permit applications (Application Nos. 617081, 617080, and 620480) to revise their Title V permit. This project is not related to any requests by Quemetco to increase their process weight/throughput at the facility. These applications can be found on the application table below.

The proposed permit revision consists of replacing the existing baghouse venting the rotary dryer, with a new baghouse. The existing baghouse is nearing the end of its useful life. The facility is also adding dust augers to support and augment the replacement baghouse and existing waste dust handling system. The proposed project will not result in any potential emission increases. The project is required to go through public notice and will be published in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on or about October 19, 2020. A 30-day public comment period will follow publication of the notice. To view the public notice and obtain more information on the proposed revision, as well as directions for submitting written comments, please visit the Public Notices Search page and enter the facility’s ID number: 8547.

Existing Permits

Permit applications are required whenever any facility installs new equipment that causes or controls a source of air pollution.  Additionally, permit applications are required to modify equipment or to propose permit condition changes.  

Numerous Permits to Construct and Permits to Operate have been issued to Quemetco since 1970.  An initial Title V permit was issued to the facility on May 9, 2000 and renewals (which occur every 5 years) for Quemetco’s Title V permit have been issued in 2006, 2012, and 2018. In between the renewals, several revisions of the Title V permit have occurred.  Most often, these permit revisions have not been for the addition of new process equipment, but for the addition and/or enhancement of air pollution control equipment and techniques.  These pollution control upgrades have included high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that effectively reduce particulate matter, a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) that reduces volatile organic compounds (including the toxic species of benzene and 1,3 butadiene), and a wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) which is a final reduction scheme for minimizing the toxic metal emissions of lead and arsenic. The WESP and the RTO were initially permitted to be constructed in 2007.  The facility is currently restricted by permit condition to a process throughput of 600 tons per day.

Pending Permits and Compliance Plans – Throughput Increase

Quemetco has submitted permit applications for various projects that are undergoing review by South Coast AQMD.  In 2013, Quemetco applied for a 25 percent facility process increase from the current permitted limit of 600 tons per year to 750 tons per year.  The project does not involve any new equipment but would increase the hours that the facility is allowed to operate each day, essentially increasing 4-6 hours per day for a 24/7 operation. This project is currently undergoing the CEQA review process by South Coast AQMD.  The draft permit will go through a public review process.

Since the request covers all permitted equipment associated with the production process, separate applications were required for each piece of equipment. The following application numbers are being evaluated as part of this project. Details on the below permits can be found by searching the application number on F.I.N.D.

Application Number




Process Weight Increase application for Rotary Dryer and Reverberatory Furnace
Received: May 2013


Process Weight Increase application for Rotary Dryer Baghouse
Received: May 2013


Process Weight Increase application for Reverberatory Furnace Baghouse
Received: May 2013


Process Weight Increase application for Slag Furnace
Received: May 2013


Process Weight Increase application for Slag Furnace SOx (Oxides of Sulfur) scrubber
Received: May 2013


Process Weight Increase application for Thermal Oxidizer venting Rotary Dryer
Received: May 2013


Process Weight Increase application for WESP
Received: May 2013


Title V Amendment application for Process Weight Increase project
Received: February 2015


Rule 1420.1 Compliance Plan addressing fugitive emissions potential from power loss events
Received: June 2017

Other Pending Permits and Compliance Plans

Quemetco also has several ongoing projects associated with their current operations that are not associated with their proposal to increase throughput. These changes would reduce emissions by replacing current control equipment with better systems, increasing the temperature in a dryer, and adding new dust conveyors to recycle dust. Below are the permit applications received late 2019 and early 2020 for projects that are currently being reviewed. Details on the below permits can be found by searching the application number on F.I.N.D.

Application Number



New baghouse to replace existing Sanitary Kiln/Rotary Dryer Baghouse
Received: November 2019


TV amendment application for replacement baghouse project
Received: November 2019


Modification to portions of Waste Dust Conveyor System to accommodate replacement baghouse
Received: March 2020


New dust conveyors to recycle dust
Received: March 2020


TV amendment application for new dust conveyors
Received: March 2020


TV amendment application for Rotary Dryer Exhaust Temperature Increase
Received: March 2020


Request to modify for Rotary Dryer Exhaust Temperature
Received: March 2020


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