Goods Movement Emission Reduction Funding Program (Proposition 1B) Heavy-Duty Trucks, Truck Stop Electrification, Electric Charging Stations, and Hydrogen Fueling Units

All applicants must complete Form A1 and the relevant form(s) for your equipment.  All six business request forms must be submitted with the application.  The Labor Laws Certification form is required if the project is eligible for funding.

Application Forms:  

Form A1 (PDF, 804KB)

Applicant Information (Complete one form per company)

Form B1 (PDF, 387 KB)

Equipment Information – Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Replacement

Form B2 (PDF, 369 KB)

Two for One Truck Replacement – For Second Truck Only

Form B3 (PDF, 356 KB)

Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Engine Repower (Small Fleet Only)

Form B4 (PDF, 375 KB)

Three-Way Truck Transaction

Form C1 (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Truck Stop Electrification Infrastructure

Form C2 (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Electric Charging Stations or Hydrogen Fueling Units


Business Request Forms:



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