Risk Reduction

In 1992, the California legislature added a risk reduction component, the Facility Air Toxic Contaminant Risk Audit and Reduction Plan (or SB 1731), which required South Coast AQMD to specify a significant risk level, above which risk reduction would be required. 

Rule 1402 as approved by the South Coast AQMD Board establishes action risk levels and significant risk levels as follows:

 Action Risk Level

 Significant Risk Level* 

  • Cancer risk > 25 in one million
  • Hazard Index > 3.0
  • Cancer Burden > 0.5
  • Cancer Risk > 100 in one million
  • Hazard Index > 5.0

*Facilities above these risk levels may be designated as a Potentially High Risk Level Facility under Rule 1402.

Rule 1402 also establishes implementation schedules for facilities above both risk level thresholds.

 Action Risk Level

 Significant Risk Level* 

  • 120 days to submit a Risk Reduction Plan
  • 3 months for the District to approve the Plan
  • No later than 2.5 years to implement the Plan
  • 90 days to submit an Early Action Reduction Plan
  • 180 days to submit a Health Risk Assessment and/or Risk Reduction Plan

  • No later than 2 years to implement the Plan

*This implementation schedule applies only to Potentially High Risk Level Facilities.

Approved risk reduction plans from facilities above with risks above the action and significant risk thresholds can be found here.

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