Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center

Team Publications

Mui W, Kuang XM, Zhang H, Bhandari S, Dominguez R, Polidori A, Papapostolou V. Development of ASTM international D8405 – Standard test method for evaluating PM2.5 sensors or sensors systems used in indoor applicationsJournal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (Abstract, PDF. 115 KB)

Collier-Oxandale A,  Papapostolou V, Feenstra B, Der Boghossian B, Polidori A. Towards the development of a Sensor Educational Toolkit to support community and citizen science. Sensors 2022 (Abstract, PDF. 112 KB)

Collier-Oxandale A, Feenstra B, Papapostolou V, Polidori A. AirSensor v1.0: Enhancements to the open-source R package to enable deep understanding of the long-term performance and reliability of PurpleAir sensorsEnvironmental Modelling & Software 2021 (Abstract, PDF. 414 KB)

Mui W, Der Boghossian B, Collier-Oxandale A, Boddeker S, Low J, Papapostolou V, Polidori A. Development of a Performance Evaluation Protocol for Air Sensors Deployed on a Google Street View CarEnvironmental Science & Technology 2021 (Abstract, PDF. 410 KB)

Feenstra B, Collier-Oxandale A, Papapostolou V, Cocker D, Polidori A. The AirSensor Open-source R-package and DataViewer Web Application for Interpreting Community Data Collected by Low-cost Sensor Networks. Environmental Modelling & Software 2020 (Abstract, PDF. 300 KB)

Feenstra B, Papapostolou V, Der Boghossian B, Cocker D, Polidori A. Development of a network of accurate ozone sensing nodes for parallel monitoring in a site relocation study. Sensors, 20(1), 16; 2020

Collier-Oxandale A, Feenstra B, Papapostolou V, Zhang H, Kuang M, Der Boghossian B, Polidori A. Field and laboratory performance evaluations of 28 gas-phase air quality sensors by the AQ-SPEC program. Atmospheric Environment, 2019 (Abstract, PDF. 320 KB)

Feenstra B, Papapostolou V, Hasheminassab S, Zhang H, Boghossian BD, Cocker D, Polidori A. Performance evaluation of twelve low-cost PM2.5 sensors at an ambient air monitoring site. Atmospheric Environment,, 2019 (Abstract, PDF. 320 KB)

Papapostolou V, Zhang H, Feenstra B, and Polidori A. Development of an environmental chamber for evaluating the performance of low-cost air quality sensors under controlled conditions. Atmospheric Environment, 171: 82-90, 2017 (Abstract, DOC. 23 KB). Full article available upon request.

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