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SCAQMD Telephone Directory 

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Toll free (800) numbers are restricted to local calls only.

Department/Service Telephone E-mail or Webpage
SCAQMD General Number 909-396-2000
Air Quality Complaints
(Excessive odors, smoke, dust, or other air contaminants)
800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664) See: Online Complaint System
Air Quality Readings & 
Smog Forecasts
800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664) See: Air Alerts
Asbestos Information Line 909-396-2336 See: Asbestos Information
Annual Emissions Reporting Help and Support Hotline 909-396-3660 Questions:
Log-in Problems:
Billing Services 866-888-8838
Carl Moyer Program (Heavy Duty Engine Replacement Grants) 909-396-3179  See: Carl Moyer Staff
Clerk of the Board 909-396-2500
Check Before You Burn Information 866-966-3293 See: Check Before You Burn
Compliance Course Information 800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664) See: Compliance Classes
Cut-Smog (Smoking Vehicle Complaints) 800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664)
Executive Office 909-396-2100
Gas Nozzle Complaints 800-242-4020  
Governing Board Members & Assistants 909-396-3239 See: Governing Board Members & Assistants Roster (PDF) 
Job Information 909-396-2800 See: Careers
Legal  909-396-3400
Library 909-396-2600 See: Library
Media Inquiries 909-396-3456 See: Media Contacts
Permit Information 909-396-2468 See: Getting Permits, or
Permitting Staff Locator
Procurement 909-396-3520 See: Grants & Bids
Public Affairs Office:
  • Public Advisor
  • Regional Outreach staff 
  • Speakers & Visitors


See: Regional Contacts
See: Speakers & Visitors
Public Information Center 800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664)
See: Public Information Center

Public Records Requests 909-396-3700, 
FAX 909-396-3330
See: Public Records Requests 
RECLAIM Inquiries 909-396-2622  See: Reclaim Staff
Small Business Assistance HOTLINE 800-388-2121 See: Small Business Assistance Contacts
Subscription Services 909-396-3720
See: Subscription Services
Technology Advancement 909-396-2105 See: TAO Contacts
Translation Assistance   See: Translation Assistance
Transportation Programs 909-396-3271