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Clean Air Connections - Air Quality and Wildfires

Protecting yourself from ash and smoke

Wildfires occur year-round in Southern California.  The health effects of wildfire smoke range from eye, throat and respiratory tract irritation to more serious disorders, including reduced lung function, bronchitis, exacerbation of asthma, and premature death.  Wildfire smoke can affect healthy people as well as those with pre-existing lung or heart disease.  Children and the elderly are especially sensitive to the effects of wildfire smoke. During wildfires, there are measures everyone can take to protect their health from the harmful pollutants filling the air. 

To learn more about any current wild fires and related air quality information, visit the Air Quality Forecast/Advisories map section on the AQMD's main web page

Also, the following fact sheets provide some tips that you can follow to protect you and your family members from unhealthful air.

  Safety Tips for Children

  Safety Tips for Seniors

  Safety Tips for Residents

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This page updated: March 22, 2011