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Lubeco Inc. processes metal using chromic acid anodizing tanks, surface treatment tanks, and spray-coating operations, all of which can cause hexavalent chromium emissions. The facility is located at 6859 Downey Ave. in Long Beach near the southern border of Paramount, and is subject to the permitting requirements and rules and regulations of the South Coast AQMD.

In July 2017, following an intensive investigation, South Coast AQMD determined that Lubeco Inc. was a source of elevated levels of hexavalent chromium emissions. In addition to outdoor monitoring data, South Coast AQMD staff also collected samples and conducted emissions testing at the facility.  

On July 21, 2017, South Coast AQMD filed a petition against Lubeco with the independent South Coast AQMD Hearing Board. Lubeco agreed to terms of an administrative order, known as a Stipulated Order for Abatement, and the Hearing Board adopted it on August 23, 2017. The Order includes short- and long-term measures designed to reduce Lubeco’s emissions of hexavalent chromium. Under the order, Lubeco was required to shut down equipment identified in the order with the potential to emit hexavalent chromium if South Coast AQMD determines the facility has caused outdoor levels of the toxic compound to exceed 1.0 nanogram per cubic meter, calculated as an average of three air samples taken over a period of about a week.

The Stipulated Order for Abatement also required additional mitigation measures to reduce potential hexavalent chromium emissions from its processes. These measures include the removal of certain tanks containing hexavalent chromium, modification of certain practices at the facility, and the development of a risk reduction plan containing all feasible measures for reducing these emissions from the facility. This plan is expected to result in the installation of new air pollution control equipment at the facility.  South Coast AQMD will evaluate the plan to ensure the facility reduces its toxic emissions below the thresholds for community health risks established by South Coast AQMD. 

Lubeco complied with the short-term mitigation measures in accordance with the Stipulated Order for Abatement. Consequently, District monitors never reflected any exceedances of the hexavalent chromium limit and Lubeco was never required to curtail its operations.

However, long-term control measures specified in the Order for Abatement were tied to the filing and approval of a risk reduction plan. In addition, following issuance of this first Order for Abatement, the District amended Rule 1469 such that new requirements became applicable for the facility. Lubeco delayed in implementing some of these long-term measures and as a result, the District sought and obtained a second Order for Abatement on December 4, 2019. In this Order, Lubeco stipulated to the immediate shutdown of three tanks and one spray booth at its facility until all required air pollution control equipment was installed.

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