AQMP Advisory Group Meeting: March 24, 2022

Scientific, Technical, & Modeling Peer Review (STMPR) Advisory Group
March 24 , 2022 ♦ 1:00 p.m.

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 361, the STMPR Advisory Group meeting will only be conducted via video conferencing and by telephone. Please follow the instructions below to join the meeting remotely.

Instructions provided at bottom of the agenda

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Download the complete agenda here.

  • 1. Welcome, Introductions, and Approval of Minutes

    Sarah Rees

    (909) 396-2856

    Staff will request approval of minutes from the last meeting.

  • 2. Overview of Draft 2022 AQMP

    Ian MacMillan

    (909) 396-3244

    Staff will present the overview and approach for the 2022 AQMP.

  • 3. Updates on 2022 AQMP Proposed Control Strategy

    Sang-Mi Lee

    (909) 396-3169
    Yangrong Zhu
    (909) 396-2213
    Heather Farr
    (909) 396 3672

    Staff will present the proposed South Coast AQMD stationary and mobile sources to meet the 2015 8-hour ozone standard.

  • 4. Draft Attainment Demonstration for the 2015 8-hour Ozone Standard

    Sang-Mi Lee

    (909) 396-3169
    Staff will present updated attainment demonstration for the 2022 AQMP.

  • 5. Nomination of AQMD Advisory Group Member to South Coast AQMD Advisory Council

    Ian MacMillan

    (909) 396-3244
    Pursuant to the charter and recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel, each advisory group shall appoint one of its members to serve on the District's Advisory Council. A selection by the AQMP Advisory Group is needed at this time for the 2022 Advisory Council Roster.

  • 6. Other Business

    Any member of the Advisory Group, or its alternate, on his or her own initiative or in response to questions posed by the public, may ask a question for clarification, may make a brief announcement or report on his or her own activities, provide a reference to staff regarding factual information, request staff to report back at a subsequent meeting concerning any matter, or may take action to direct staff to place a matter of business on a future agenda (Govt. Code Section 54954.2).

  • 7. Public Comment

    Members of the public may address the Advisory Group concerning any agenda item before or during consideration of that item (Govt. Code Section 54954.3). All agendas for regular meetings are posted at South Coast AQMD Headquarters, 21865 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, California, at least 72 hours in advance of a regular meeting.  At the end of the regular meeting agenda, an opportunity is also provided for the public to speak on any subject within the Advisory Group’s authority. Speakers may be limited to three (3) minutes each.

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