Stakeholder Responsibilities

Stakeholder Responsibilities Under PERP

The Owner/Operators of portable engines and portable equipment units registered under the PERP Program are responsible for:

  • scheduling an inspection with South Coast AQMD within 45 days of receiving portable engine registration, renewal, or replacement certification from CARB and ensuring all PERP equipment is inspected within one year of certification/renewal.

  • maintaining the registration information with the equipment at all times.

  • affixing and maintaining an identification placard on PERP equipment at all times.

  • installing and maintaining hour and fuel meters or other required operation tracking devices on all registered portable engines.

  • complying with all operating conditions contained in the PERP registration.

  • ensuring all rental/lease agreements and operation logs indicate the date, project location, and equipment usage and are maintained onsite for portable engines.

  • complying with all requirements of the PERP regulation.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements could result in a violation and fines.

As the administering agency, the California Air Resources Board's (CARB's) responsibilities include:

  • Developing and Maintaining PERP Program Infrastructure - (e.g., regulation, application forms, fee information, databases, website, guidelines and related PERP program information).

  • Evaluating and Processing Application Submittals - including the verification & collection of applicable fees, evaluation of equipment application, and subsequent denial or issuance of registration.

  • Coordinating Logistical Information with Districts - including the distribution of inspection fees for portable engines and registration information to local districts and collection & maintenance of local district inspection information. 

As the local air pollution enforcement agency, the South Coast Air Quality Management District's responsibilities include:

  • Creating Local Program Infrastructure - developing outreach collaterals; data collection and storage applications; policies & procedures and work flow model.

  • Ensuring Compliance:

    • Scheduling and Inspecting PERP-Registered Portable Engines - ensuring compliance with applicable requirements.

    • Inspecting Portable Equipment Units - including generating fee billings for South Coast AQMD resources expended for inspection activity.

  • Collecting and Reporting Program Data - including collection, compilation and reporting of compliance and related program information to CARB.

  • Invoicing and Collecting Inspection Fees - including invoicing portable equipment unit registration holders for South Coast AQMD resources expended during the inspection of their equipment.

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