RECLAIM Electronic Reporting Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions

What are the checks done by the Public Data Network (PDN)?

 The PDN performs the following checks:

  1. (RTU2CLAR.DOC) or chapter 7 of the RECLAIM Rule 2012.

What are the checks done by the South Coast AQMD before uploading the data to WATERS?

In addition to the PDN checks, the South Coast AQMD performs at least the following checks:

  1. Device emission exists for the same reporting period./p>

  2. Duplicate record exists.

  3. Record does not exist (correction).

How can I get my PASSWORD?

Email with your RECLAIM Facility ID #

I transmitted a file with 150 lbs of NOX emission. I retransmitted later in the day the same file where I corrected the NOX emission to 125 lbs. Why WATERS is still showing the 150 lbs of NOX emission?

The first valid transmission is uploaded to WATERS and all subsequent transmissions for the same device and reporting period are considered duplicates. To properly update a transmission, please refer to the (RTU2CLAR.DOC). 

South Coast AQMD inspector issued me a ticket to report electronically for previous quarters, I transmitted the data but it is not in WATERS?

Since your transmissions were not received on time, they will not show up in WATERS. However, you can always view them in ‘Transmission Check’ and clear your ticket.

Where is it written in the Rules that I need to report electronically?

Rule 2012 clearly states the electronic reporting requirements. You can always email your questions to reclaim_q&

Can I fax or mail the data instead of reporting it electronically?

No, the RECLAIM rules require the electronic reporting of data before the specified deadlines.

When can I get my PASSWORD?

  1. releasing their password to their consultants.

How can I get a sample file?

Email the following:

  1. End reporting period

  2. Emittent

  3. Amount in lbs/month or lbs/qtr

  4. Fuel Type(s) 

Can I transmit for ALL my devices in one file?

It is recommended to transmit files containing devices with the same reporting frequency.

What’s the fuel code for Natural Gas?

All the fuel codes are contained in the instruction document.

South Coast AQMD Electronic Reporting Software?

The South Coast AQMD does not sell or recommend any reporting software.

I just finished sending my file, can you check if the South Coast AQMD received it?

Transmission Check address:

How can I get a copy of the data accepted by the South Coast AQMD?

WATERS address:
Public Records Requests (909) 396-3700.
I tried to transmit today, but I received this message ‘Host Unavailable’?

Check the number you’re calling.

  1. The phone number for sending VALID data to South Coast AQMD is 877-727-1117.

  2. The phone number for sending TEST data to South Coast AQMD is 909-396-3947. 

I transmitted today, I received “OK” message & check it in Transmission Check but it’s not in WATERS?

WATERS is generally updated the following day.

Possible Reasons why the data is NOT in WATERS:

  1. Your transmission was not received on time. For example, monthly reporting is due 15 days after end of month and your transmission was received after the deadline.

  2. The reporting date in your transmission is a future date.

  3. Your file contained devices with mixed reporting frequency (NM, NL, NP).

  4. You registered in WATERS with the same password for more than two facilities and you’re checking data for the wrong facility ID number

  5. Your facility changed cycle which affect your 4th quarter due date. Fourth quarter transmission are due 60 days after 12-31and 6-30 respectively for cycle 1 and 2 facilities.

  6. You deleted the original transmission.

  7. You received from the PDN a response packet other than an “OK” message. ONLY files sent to the 877-727-1117 number that received an “OK” message are saved. “OK 00006 babc102297094725” is a sample of an “OK” message. Always keep a log of all your “OK” messages and corresponding files.


Download the electronic reporting instructions:

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