Goods Movement Emission Reduction Projects (Proposition 1B Program)


The Proposition 1B Program is now open for the Locomotive Category, Replacement/Repower projects to Tier 4 or Cleaner are eligible.

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The Proposition 1B – Goods Movement Emission Reduction ProgramLink to external website. (commonly referred to as the “Prop. 1B Program”) was approved by the voters in 2006 and provides funding for projects that reduce emissions from goods movement operations.  Emissions from diesel equipment, locomotives and vehicles involved in goods movement greatly impact the health of communities located near ports, rail yards, distribution centers and roads with high truck traffic.  The Prop. 1B Program is intended to reduce diesel air pollution from goods movement operations and achieve the earliest possible health risk reduction in nearby communities.  The projects funded by the Prop. 1B Program must achieve “early or extra emission reductions” that are not required by a law or regulation.

The Prop. 1B Program
offers a financial incentive to owners/operators of eligible equipment involved in goods movement operations to upgrade their equipment, install electrical infrastructure at a truck stop or distribution facility, or implement other projects that will reduce diesel air pollutant emissions.  The types of goods movement equipment targeted by the Prop. 1B program include: heavy-duty diesel trucks (replacement or repower), transportation refrigeration units (TRU) truck stop or distribution center electrification infrastructure, locomotives, ships at berth (e.g., shore power), commercial harbor craft, and cargo handling equipment at ports or rail yard facilities.

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