Rule 2202 - Program Status
Facility INformation Detail (FIND)

What is FIND?

The AQMD has developed a web tool that allows searches for public information about AQMD regulated sites, that is, facilities or worksites that have a permit(s) or are required to submit Rule 2202 Compliance Plans.

The system that is used to look up this information is called Facility INformation Detail or FIND. This system provides non-confidential facility information that will allow Employee Transportation Coordinators to check their worksite's Rule 2202 program status.  FIND will display information about the worksite's program status such as: permanent due date, type of plan (Emission Reduction Strategy, Air Quality Investment Program, or Employee Commute Reduction Program), plan status (in review, pending, approved, etc.) and the assigned Plan Reviewer.

Comments or questions

Comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the Program Status program should be forwarded to:

Antonio Thomas,
Senior Transportation Specialist

Please Note

The information in FIND is updated on a regularly scheduled basis, at least once per week.  However, please keep in mind that there are limitations to FIND as with any system that uses data from many sources.  We anticipate that users may find some information that is not up-to-date, missing or not accurate.  This information is provided as a resource tool and the AQMD makes every effort to make it as useful as possible.

AQMD does not take any responsibility for a person or company relying on the information obtained through FIND.  The AQMD does not have any control or responsibility for how the information obtained is used by a person or company.

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