Compliance Assistance Class: Rule 463 & Rule 1178 Certified Person

To register for the Rule 463/1178 Certified Person Compliance Assistance Class, please click here.

The goal of this "Certified Person" training program is to train and certify individuals that will assist industry in maintaining compliance with applicable South Coast AQMD Rules 463 and 1178 requirements and permit conditions through the timely identification, reporting, and correction of equipment deficiencies.

Rule 463 requires individuals seeking to become Certified Persons to complete a South Coast AQMD tank self-inspection program. Individuals who attend this one-day course and successfully pass the exam in this Rule 463/1178 course will become Rule 463 Certified Persons. 

In addition, Rule 1178 requires individuals seeking to become Certified Persons to complete a South Coast AQMD tank self-inspection program and a South Coast AQMD approved fugitive emissions compliance inspection program (previously offered as CARB Course #395).

Please note that CARB Training Course #395 will no longer be offered by CARB beginning fall 2013!

As such, South Coast AQMD will integrate critical information relative to fugitive emissions into the tank inspection program.  Therefore, separate attendance of CARB Course #395 and evidence thereof will no longer be necessary. 

Individuals who attend and successfully complete the class will become Rule 463 Certified and Rule 1178 Certified Persons without taking CARB Course #395.

Class Information:

  • Location: Webinar

  • Next scheduled class:  Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

  • Time:  8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  • Content:  Tank inspection requirements contained in Rule 463 – Storage of Organic Liquids and Rule 1178 – Further Reductions of VOC Emissions from Storage Tanks at Petroleum Facilities.

  • No personal safety equipment or monitoring instruments required.

  • No prerequisites required.

Registration Information for South Coast AQMD Rule 463/1178 Class:

  • Pre-registration is required prior to attend this training. Registration will close one week prior to the class.

  • To register for the South Coast AQMD Rule 463/1178 class, please click here.

  • Class fee is $85.00 per person. Due to COVID-19, only online payments are accepted at this time. Instructions for online payment will be provided by email after registration. A California Driver’s License/ID Card is required to attend class.

  • Please note that the South Coast AQMD will not refund class fees if registrant attendance exceeds one hour.

  • For more information, contact Joseph Liaw (909) 396-3651 or 

Expiration/Renewal Certification:

  • Rule 463 and Rule 1178 Certification is valid for only three years from certified date. To renew the certification, inspectors need to retake the Rule 463/1178 class.  


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