Rule 1148.2 - Notification and Reporting Requirements for Oil and Gas Well and Chemical Suppliers Working Group

Rule 1148.2 was adopted on April 5, 2013.  During the adoption of Rule 1148.2, the Governing Board directed staff to convene the Rule 1148.2 Working Group 6 months after the first emissions report is received to discuss equipment and chemical data, and the emissions monitoring/sampling results.  In addition, the Governing Board also directed staff to report semi-annually to the Stationary Source Committee on notifications, emissions, and chemical use reporting.  Within two years of rule adoptions, staff will report to the Stationary Source Committee with findings and recommendations for the need, if any, for emission controls or regulator efforts for well drilling, well completion, and well reworks

The following are links to presentations to the Rule 1148.2 Working Group and the Stationary Source Committee: