Clean Air Month and Smog Season Began May 1st

Clean Air Month is here again! The annual observance begins on May 1, coinciding this year with the U.S. EPA’s Air Quality Awareness Week (AQAW), which will be held from May 2 through 6. This year’s theme is “Be Air Aware and Prepared”.

Air Quality Awareness Week focuses on increasing public mindfulness and education on air quality, respiratory health impacts, and environmental justice worldwide. For each day, the AQAW website will feature a different topic relating to the discussion on air quality, and invites visitors to submit their own events, educational resources, photos, or other related materials for an Awareness Week shout-out.

Established in 1972, Clean Air Month has been celebrated every May across the United States with the aim of raising awareness about the impact clean air has on our lives and encouraging people to take positive steps to improve air quality, both locally and globally.

Here in Southern California, Clean Air Month comes just as we enter the summer smog season. Hot, stagnant days can increase the formation of ground-level ozone (smog), creating potentially unhealthy air quality. South Coast AQMD reminds residents to stay informed of air quality levels in their area and adjust their activities accordingly. There are several ways to find out about current air quality conditions in your area:

The public is encouraged to learn more about local air quality issues on South Coast AQMD’s website at

Smog season officially ends on September 30, although high ozone levels may continue into October and other air pollutants can be high during the rest of the year.

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