South Coast AQMD Updates Guidelines for Air Pollution Controls

South Coast AQMD’s Best Available Control Technology (BACT) program identifies the most effective ways to control air pollution. The agency’s BACT team is responsible for the development, implementation and periodic updates to the program’s guidelines, which were initially published in 1983.

The guidelines determine BACT for major polluting facilities as well as requirements for more than 130 categories of equipment at non-major polluting facilities. BACT guidelines are updated to reflect the cleanest and most advanced available technologies for permitted equipment to ensure that new, modified and relocated equipment are using the lowest emitting technologies.  

The last update was completed in September 2022. The next round of proposed updates is currently underway and is anticipated to be brought to the Governing Board for adoption at the end of 2023. For major polluting facilities, updates are proposed for Tank Truck Loading Racks, Heaters, Linear Generators, Sulfur Recovery Units, Fugitive Emissions at Petroleum Refineries, Boilers, and Gas Turbines. For non-major polluting facilities, a new listing is proposed for Crumb Rubber/Asphalt Oil Blending System.

The Guidelines can be found on our BACT Guidelines webpage. For more information, visit our BACT program webpage.

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