Open Burn Program

Open Burn ImagePurpose:

Rule 444 - Open Burning (PDF) is designed to ensure that open burning is conducted in a manner that minimizes emissions and impacts, and that smoke is managed consistent with state and federal law in order to protect public health and safety.


Applies to any person conducting or allowing any open burning including, but not limited to:

  • Agricultural Burning 

  • Disposal of Russian Thistle (Salsola Kali or “Tumbleweed”) 

  • Prescribed Burning 

  • Fire Prevention/Suppression Training 

  • Open Detonation or Use of Pyrotechnics 

  • Fire Hazard Removal (Mandated by Local Fire Agency) 

  • Disposal of Infectious Waste, Other Than Hospital Waste 

  • Research of Testing Materials, Equipment or Techniques 

  • Disposal of Contraband 

  • Residential Burning


  • Open Burning in the Case of an Imminent Fire Hazard 

  • Recreational or Ceremonial Fires 

  • Open Burning for the Purpose of Warming Food or Generating Warmth at a Social Gathering 

  • Open Burning Located on Islands 15 Miles or More from the Mainland Coast

  • Fireworks Displays 

  • Pyrotechnics Used for Creation of Special Effects at Theme Parks.

  • Detonation of Explosives During: 

    • Quarry or Mining Operations 

    • Bomb Disposal by a Law Enforcement Agency 

    • Demolition of Buildings or Structures

  • The Use of Pyrotechnics, Detonation of Explosives, or Fire Effects for Creation of Special Effects During Theatrical Productions, Filming of Motion Pictures, Videotaping of Television Programs or Other Commercial Filming or Video Production Activities Provided that: 

    • Each Fire Effect is Limited to No More Than 30 Minutes in Duration, and 

    • The Fuel is Untreated Wood, Charcoal, or Authorized Ignition Fuels 

How to Obtain Authorization to Burn

Burn Project Coordinator: 
 Kamal Brenner 
Fax: 909-396-3306

Burn Line: 909-396-3403

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