Frequently Asked Rule 1113 Compliance Questions

Below is a list of rule advisories in response to common compliance inquiries regarding Rule 1113

Above 4,000 Feet Exemptions (PDF, 96kb) 

Aboveground-Storage-Tanks (PDF, 113kb) 
Additives and VOC Limitations (PDF, 81kb)

Appurtenances (PDF, 111k)
Bundling Small Containers (PDF, 96kb)
Colorants and VOC Content of Coatings (PDF, 88kb)

Colorants - Sell Through and Small Container Exemption (PDF, 116kb) 
Default Coatings Category (PDF, 86kb) 

Excluded Compounds - Oils  (PDF, 357kb) New!
Exempt Compounds (PDF, 102kb)

Flat and Non-flat Coatings After January 1, 2019
 (PDF, 282kb)
Labeling Requirements (PDF, 87kb)

Lacquers Categorization (PDF, 84kb) 
Low-Solids Category (PDF, 94kb)
Metal Coatings (PDF, 98kb)
Most Restrictive Clause (PDF, 94kb)
Multi-Component Coatings Labeling (PDF, 81kb)
Off-shore Architectural Coating Operations (PDF, 96kb) 

Paint Can Disposal (PDF, 84kb)  
Polyester Resins Used as Architectural Coatings (PDF, 99kb)
Portable Trailers (PDF, 83kb)
Public Records Act and Trade Secrets (PDF, 85kb)
Spackling Paste and Rule Regulation (PDF, 97kb)
Thinning Practices and VOC Limitations (PDF, 96kb)
Tung Oil Classification (PDF, 84kb)
Zero-VOC Labeling (PDF, 98kb)  


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